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prey, survival horror, gaming, new release
Prey is here, and it's everything we hoped for The latest survival... Read More
subnautica, sea emperor, leviathan, creature, concept
At long last, we might have a complete Subnautica game The... Read More
2015, horror, horror games, zombies
2015 seems like forever ago, but the horror games that the year... Read More
sci fi horror movies
A list of the 31 best sci-fi horror movies, including classics like... Read More
Meet “Hello Neighbor” As the new guy, having just moved into... Read More
scary vr games
10 Scariest VR Horror Games That Will Send Shivers Down Your... Read More
rpg horror games
10 RPG Horror Games To Satisfy Your Need for Roleplaying and... Read More
resident evil, horror, movies, horror movies, similarities
With the new release of the Resident Evil 7 game, the topic of... Read More
horror, psychological horror, horror games, games
Craving a Scare? These 15 Psychological Horror Games Will Keep You Up... Read More
horror movies, movies, horror, list, texas chainsaw massacre
Got Horror? We've Curated the Top 100 Horror Movies You Can Watch... Read More
21 horror games we can never forget
The greatest horror films transport us into different worlds and... Read More
movie, horror, fright, gore, film
Looking to get scared by something new? Look no further. Don’t look... Read More
movie, horror, 2016
The Most Chilling, Frightening Horrors of 2016 Are Right Here You... Read More
VR and Horror Games Seems Like a Match Made in Heaven
Every Gamer and Their Mother Is Talking About VR It seems that... Read More
Alien, Horror, Movie
You Should Be Running In the world of Sci-Fi horror there have... Read More
Predator, Horror, Movie
Time for a New Hunt The masked alien from another world first... Read More
State of Decay 2 Release Date and Details.
Release Date and Supported Platforms Since the reveal of State of... Read More
New, Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, New, Horror, Action, Adventure, Video Game, Co-op, Co-operative, Beta, 2014, 2016.
Hunt Horrors of the Gilded Age is a free-to-play, third-person, four-... Read More
Left 4 Dead, First Person Shooter, Horror, PC, Multiplayer, Co-op, 4 Player, Films, Movie, Action, Creepy, Funny, Blood, Gore
See survival horror action on the big screen Playing Left 4 Dead... Read More
horror games 2016
Looking for a horror game that’ll scare the Hell out of you this year... Read More
Call of Cthulhu (2017)
The Old Ones are waiting When H.P. Lovecraft first created the... Read More
2017 games, horror games, role-playing, science-fiction
System Shock revived The original System Shock was released back... Read More
indie horror games
What is the "Golden Rule" of any good horror game? The unpleasant... Read More
horror games, new horror movies 2016, horror films, slasher films, supernatural
Don’t Miss Out On These 10 Best Horror Movies Coming in 2016 Those... Read More
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