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14. Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV - Combos and Knockouts 5

You assume the role of Niko Bellic, a war veteran who has escaped his poverty-stricken European country to start anew in a parody of USA’s New York City – Liberty City.

Chasing the American Dream proves more complicated than expected, forcing Niko to accept a variety of shady jobs just to make ends meet. But the more daring the heists and more important the hits, his reputation in the criminal underworld also grows, as does his wealth and influence. Soon, even the biggest crime families in Liberty City will know just who exactly Niko Bellic is.

Hundreds of cars to steal. Four massive areas to explore. Mountains of dough to misappropriate. Combined with memorable characters – from your bowling-obsessed cousin to a narcissistic meathead with a penchant for illegally acquiring cars – and a script dripping with delicious satirical commentary about all things USA, GTA IV sits at #2 on our list of best PC gangster games to play in 2015.

Our rating – 4/5


Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the most popular GTA releases to date.


For the last time: NO, he doesn't want to play bowling!!



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