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Best Real Time Strategy Games 2017
"Hell, it's about time"

15. Grey Goo

Grey Goo Story

Yet another very new title. If Etherium put you off with its turn-based mode, then this will wheel you in. It's a back-to-the-classics title, but without the bells and whistles most games feel they need to add. I hope I won't get punched for this, but I dare call it a Starcraft (the old Starcraft) rip-off, which is good if you liked that game.

I wonder who came up with this system?

The catch here is that the three  (yes, again it's three) factions are very different. Only one is the standard RTS style you'd expect, while the namesake of the game (the Goo) is possibly the most unique faction you'll ever play in a real-time strategy game. Give it a shot if you want crave a nuance in the classics. Oh, and it has surprisingly good cinematic quality!

Grey Goo Multiplayer 1v1 Gameplay - Battle of the Epics

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