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Best Real Time Strategy Games 2017
"Hell, it's about time"

8. Blitzkrieg 3

Blitzkrieg 3 features a very robust terrain destruction engine.

What is it? Nival’s Blitzkrieg series has come a long way from the original battle focused RTS that released in 2003. With Blitzkrieg 3, which calls itself a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS), the meat and potatoes of the game is its multiplayer battles of attack and defend. The game features AI that will take over for players who have to go AFK and a large campaign that covers the entirety of World War II. Another bonus for players who purchase Blitzkrieg 3 is the exclusion of micro transactions and subscription fees.

When can I play it? The game is currently in early access and can be purchased through Steam’s download client.

Heavy infantry with bazooka's versus a tank. Hmm, guess who wins?

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