17 Best Real Time Strategy Games to Play in 2017 (for PC)

Best Real Time Strategy Games 2017
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Our Base is Under Attack! Get ready for 17 of the best RTS games to play in 2017... 

RTS games allow players to live out their best ‘ants under the magnifying glass’ fantasies from the comfort of their homes without ever having to set foot in the sun. RTS’s tend to fall under a couple of different classifications, 4x (that’s explore, expand ,exploit and exterminate) and base building/micro/macro strategy games. The 4x strategy games will have players building entire empires and conquering their neighbors through war or economic force.

These are your Total War games, Masters of Orion, and Sins of a solar empire. Base-builders like StarCraft and Grey Goo take place at ground level. You will manage resources and troops to defeat an opponent on a fairly small battlefield. The list below includes some up and comers, fan favorites and the latest and greatest in RTS action but they will all certainly be worth some mouse clicks. Check your APM’s as we dive into the 10 best Real Time Strategy games to play in 2017.

17. Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 will feature cinematic and impressive looking space combat.

What is it? Endless Space 2 is the sequel to… Endless Space. In this 4x strategy game, players will command one of 8 major factions as they explore, expand, exploit and exterminate their way across a massive galaxy that the player helps establish before they play. Beyond simply building fleets and manhandling planets away from the opposing factions, players can use diplomacy and economic might to subdue many lesser factions into joining them. Combat wise, the game features fully modeled space fleet battle that players will give commands for prior to engaging. There is ground combat to strategize over as well but the bread and butter is definitely the space battles. This is all done to a very retro-esque synthwave soundtrack that fits right at home with the aesthetics of the game

When can I play it? Endless Space 2 is available on steam in an early-access form and has very positive reviews.

Official Website *check out the crazy cinematic trailer on the front page*

Endless Space 2 First Look- The Vision

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