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best sci fi rpgs
Look at you hacker, pathetic creature of meat and bone.

10. EVE Online (2003)

EVE Online is one of the longest running and most in-depth sci-fi MMOs on the market with an incredibly dedicated player base basically running it.

It was added to Steam in 2008 and a limited free-to-play version was released at the end of 2016. The players in EVE control pretty much everything, from the economy down to epic space battles. You can be a pirate if you want to, though you may find it difficult to succeed.

To top it off, there’s 7,800 star systems to visit and explore. EVE is truly an epic galaxy, and if you can get past the complex interface and game systems learning curve it’s probably the most authentic space-sim MMO out there.

Enjoy epic space battles.

And a scary complicated interface.

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