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8. Bioshock Infinite (2013)

Bioshock Infinite is the third Bioshock game, although it is not directly tied to the first two. The player, through former Pinkerton Booker DeWitt, explores the floating city of Columbia in search of a young woman named Elizabeth. The combat system is more open and dynamic than the other two, and the story, while separate, does have its place in the overall Bioshock narrative.

The game features three DLC packs; one challenge pack and Burial at Sea parts one and two, in which the player controls an Elizabeth from an alternate timeline in Rapture, with gameplay focused more on stealth and open combat.

Also, word of advice, don’t finish up the last DLC at 1 in the morning right before your friend calls you to tell you she was in a car crash because when the end of the story hits you its gonna hit you twice as hard and you will not be prepared.

The floating city of Columbia.

Elizabeth and Songbird.

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