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10 best sniper games 2017
He's got a bullet with your name on it.

5. World of Tanks

Sniping other tanks, from a tank 

 “Wait a minute, esteemed writer of this article” You’re probably asking, “how does a tank game make the list for best sniper games?” Tank Destroyers and Self-propelled artillery, that’s how. This F2P online tank shooter sports not one, but two wildly different sniper classes. The lie and wait tank destroyer and the sit back and relax SPG (self-propelled guns). The tank destroyers will move up with the normal tanks and sit in a bush ready to dish out high damage (or low damage shots very quickly) to any unsuspecting tank that comes into its firing arc.

While very powerful, they can be easily hidden from and tend to take less damage to destroy then other vehicles. You cannot hide from Artillery. SPG’s in World of Tanks will deploy far away from the main fighting and lob high explosive shots into the weak top armor of enemy tanks. They tend to be more inaccurate and have a slow reload but nothing beats zeroing in on a German heavy tank at full health, clicking the mouse, and watching three-quarters of its health fall away. Just don’t get into direct combat while driving an SPG where Stormtrooper accuracy takes on a whole new meaning.

Take out armored preys from afar

Aim for the enemy tank's weak point to destroy them in one blow

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