10 Best Sniper Games to Play in 2017: Page 6 of 10

10 best sniper games 2017
He's got a bullet with your name on it.

6. Zombie Army Trilogy

Sniping zombies is a pretty satisfying sport, as you'll soon come to realize

While perhaps not as popular as Call of Duties zombie maps, the Sniper Elite off-shoot Zombie Army Trilogy is just as polished and fun as its FPS predecessor. Zombie Army is actually a package of two DLC’s available for the second Sniper Elite game with a third new campaign, survival mode and new characters added.

The gameplay features all of the Sniper elite standards BUT WITH ZOMBIES!!! 1-4 players can shoot, stab and explode their way through three campaigns spanning an alternate end to WW2 where Hitler uses occult powers to unleash a Nazi zombie army on the Allies. It’s taking scorched earth to a whole new level. Gamers who own the trilogy on steam also have access to the Left 4 dead characters (because cross-overs are what make the world go round).

Take out Hitler's zombie soldiers before they get to you

Be wary as you journey across the land of the dead to take down Hitler himself

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