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10 best sniper games 2017
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6.      Zombie Army Trilogy

While perhaps not as popular as Call of Duties zombie maps, the Sniper Elite off-shoot Zombie Army Trilogy is just as polished and fun as its FPS predecessor. Zombie Army is actually a package of two DLC’s available for the second Sniper Elite game with a third new campaign, survival mode and new characters added.

The gameplay features all of the Sniper elite standards BUT WITH ZOMBIES!!! 1-4 players can shoot, stab and explode their way through three campaigns spanning an alternate end to WW2 where Hitler uses occult powers to unleash a Nazi zombie army on the Allies. It’s taking scorched earth to a whole new level. Gamers who own the trilogy on steam also have access to the Left 4 dead characters (because cross-overs are what make the world go round).

What is Zombie Army Trilogy Reveal Trailer

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