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Who doesn't love a good dungeon crawling adventure?

26. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2

The sequel to Van Helsing brings more of the same, with loads of pop culture references to boot which is more than a bit amusing considering the Victorian era-esque setting. The developers took what was already good and made it better and packed even more into the package with a simple but worthy story, with the voice acting between the two leads (Van Helsing and Katarina) adding a dash of personality and life to their banter and flirtation.

The balance is a bit wonky but you can use a pre-made veteran character, but the difficulty can be changed whenever you like, and also includes a hardcore mode with permadeath. Oh, and there’s still plenty of loot to find and big bad monsters to kill in your quest to live up to the Van Helsing name.

Why with the spiders? Why?

Ah yes, time for some inventory tetris.

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