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best dungeon crawlers
Who doesn't love a good dungeon crawling adventure?

25. Diablo 3

One of the staple isometric action RPGs and a long running Blizzard franchise, Diablo 3 has a lot to offer. There are six classes (seven if you own the Reaper of Souls expansion pack), a wealth of weapons and armour and other loot and loads of spells and attack combos to fiddle around with, including socketed items.

The game features destructible environments that enemies will take advantage of, just like they do the 3D game environment, part of a custom build engine. Random level and encounter generators and enhanced questing add valuable replayability. Diablo may not be at the top of this list but it is still one of the quintessential dungeon crawlers.

Hit them, not me!

There better be some good loot in there.

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