The 17 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies worth Watching Again in 2017

top 17 post apocalyptic movies
10 Cloverfield Lane explores paranoia about the apocalypse. Post Apocalyptic Films can use their setting to examine a wide range of how humans interact with the end of the world.

17 Post Apocalyptic Movies You Should Not Miss Out On

Over the past few decades, and increasingly frequent in recent years, post-apocalyptic stories and settings have become a staple in pop culture. The reasons for the collapse of civilization tend to be, at least for me it seems far more superficial than the reality itself. In a zombie apocalypse, it may not be the zombies themselves in which people are interested, but the story of modern man having to survive in this harsh world amidst the ashes of his society. This ca be partly explained by the large number of subgenres relating to post-apocalyptic films and the numerous creative ways we have explained the end of civilization. And perhaps with the state of the world becoming increasingly unpredictable, people may want to brush up on their survival skills. This is a genre which translates well into pop culture and especially movies (and games), so to help you prepare for the end of the world, here are the top 17 best post-apocalyptic movies worth watching again in 2017.

17. This is the End

When beams of light from the sky begin abducting people, Hollywood actors band together and try to make meaning of this apocalypse. Fearing the worst, that this truly is the end of days spoken of in the book of Revelations, the actors must survive the Rapture and the onslaught of demons roaming the Earth.

This is the End tells the story of Hollywood actors dealing with the apparent rapture

16. Stake Land

In a vampiric twist on the zombie outbreak story, Stake Land follows a small group of survivors as they journey north to a fabled “Eden” where they will be safe from the feral vampires. Along the way they need to fend off not only the vampires, but a fanatic cult who is thought to be responsible for the outbreak.

Stake Land mixes up the formula of a zombie outbreak with a vampiric virus

15. I am Legend

When a mutant strain of a cancer treatment wipes out most of the population save for a small percentage turned into bestial, feral beings called dark seekers, and an even smaller percentage immune, Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) is left in an abandoned (save for the dark seekers) New York City to work on a possible cure. Not only does he need to survive the violent dark seekers, but also separation from his family and other humans. When he runs intotwo human survivors, all his work is put into jeopardy.

Alone, surrounded by hostile infected, Dr. Robert Neville must survive while working on a cure

14. Doomsday

A deadly virus has infected Scotland, to quarantine the outbreak the British Government seals off the country with a massive wall. In hopes of finding a possible cure, a team led by Major Eden Sinclair moves into Scotland to find medical researchers who were working on a cure when the wall went up. The team is pitted against cannibals, medieval knights, and a secret plot within their own government.

Doomsday sees the collapse of society turning ordinary people into violent cannibals following the outbreak of a virus

13. Pandorum

Overpopulation has prompted a space expedition to colonize an Earth-like planet called Tanis. A spaceship containing 60,000 colonists is supposed to last 123 years and every two years a small number of crew members wake from sleep to maintain the ship. This task is incredibly difficult however owing to the infestation of a hostile alien species, a malfunctioning reactor, and the slow realization that they have been in stasis for far longer than intended.

Pandorum pits the crew of a ship loaded with sleeping colonists, an alien species and its own malfunctioning reactor

12. The Book of Eli

After a nuclear apocalypse has ravaged the Earth a blind man named Eli must traverse the wasteland of America in hopes of preserving the world’s last remaining Bible. Eli must survive bandits and other hazards while he protects the sacred and coveted book.

The Book of Eli tells the journey of a man traveling the wastes with the last Bible on Earth

11. Edge of Tomorrow

An alien race knowns as Mimics have invaded Earth and taken over continental Europe. In Britain Major Cage (Fom Cruise) is tasked with an invasion of France. When he arrives however he dies covered in the blood of a Mimic, He wakes however and realizes that time has reset itself and it is the previous day. Using this ability Cage attempts to find a way to destroy the mimics once and for all.

Soldiers fight against a hostile alien invasion and humanity is on the brink of defeat

10. These Final Hours

After a meteor crashes into the North Atlantic, a massive firestorm is engulfing the Earth and will reach Perth, Australia in 12 hours. The main character James, after being separated from his girlfriend decides to help a girl named Rose find her family so they can spend their last moments together.

With the end of the world coming James leads Rose to be with her family

9. The Road

A simple story of survival following an unexplained cataclysm, the road follows a boy and his father as they traverse a stretch of road in the hopes of finding a more hospitable land by the beach. The two must survive by any means they can but still have room in their hearts to give what help they can to others.

Based on the book of the same name, The Road tells a story of survival in a post-collapse United States

8. Interstellar

A massive drought is threatening to wipe out humanity who, by the start of the film is already living on the brink of collapse. NASA has continued to operate in secret and sends a team of Astronauts to explore several planets and deem if they are habitable or not. The film manages to blend both a more realistic take on science fiction with a heavy focus on emotional moments between characters

Astronauts sent to find a new home for mankind is humanity’s only hope

7. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Following an argument with her Fiancé, a woman named Michelle drives through the countryside of Louisiana. However over the radio she hears reports of an apocalyptic event possibly alien invasion. She makes her way to a man named Howard’s house where he has a large bunker deep underground. She meets another man named Emmet and the three seemingly get along until paranoia over whether or not the apocalypse is real and Howard’s own insanity forces Michelle and Emmet to remain in the bunker.

10 Cloverfield Lane pits 3 characters against the perceived apocalypse and each other

6. Shaun of the Dead

Shaun’s boring, repetitive, and dull life is flipped on its head when he and a group of friends must fight off a zombie apocalypse in their favorite pub. One by one their friends are killed by the horde in this horror/comedy. Acting as both an excellent satire of the George Romero Zombie films and as a zombie movie in its own right, it brings just the right balance of the serious and silly

Shaun of the Dead provides a comedic twist on the zombie movie genre

5. Mad Max: Road Warrior

Following both an energy crisis and a nuclear war, Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) traverses the wastes as a lone hero fending off all sorts of danger. The classic 80’s action movie still impresses to this day.

The Road Warrior has become an action movie classic and gives a gritty picture of the post-apocalypse

4. The Matrix

Tom Anderson’s suspicions about a mysterious concept called the Matrix leads him down a rabbit hole into discovering that the entire world around him is a computer program and that the real world is a desolate wasteland controlled by a race of intelligent machines. After being rescued by a group of surviving humans,Tom, now called Neo is believed to be “the one” the human prophesied to end the war and free mankind.

The Matrix offers a mixture of philosophical questions about the nature of men and machines with excellent action scenes

3. Wall-E

Excessive consumerism has turned the Earth into an inhospitable planet completely covered in mountains of garbage. Humanity was sent on an originally temporary space journey with an army of robots tasked with cleaning up all the garbage. However humanity has spent 800 years in space as the task has proven to be too big and all but one of the robots named Wall-E has broken down. When a robot named Eve from the human ship is sent to earth to assess whether or not the Earth has become habitable again, she meets and befriends Wall-E until she discovers a small plant growing. A rare family friendly post-apocalyptic film, Wall-E is filled with charming and lovable characters.

Wall-E delivers both a heartfelt relationship as well as commentary on consumerism and reliance on machines

2. Mad Max: Fury road

When a group of sex-slaves escape the clutches of a Warlord named Immortal Joe, Max must protect the women as they attempt to escape Joe’s forces in an epic car chase through the wasteland. Told more like a fairy tale than a traditional narrative, the imagery in Fury road is often nothing short of works of art.

Fury Road gives a surprisingly effective mix of over the top action and beautiful, almost fairytale-like imagry.

1. Nausicaä and the Valley of the wind

Following an ecological disaster turning much of the world into the “toxic jungle” Nausicaä, princess of the Valley of the Wind, one of the few remaining lush and habitable places on Earth, must stop an aggressive kingdom from destroying her home and further aggravating the mutated species residing in the jungle. A beautifully animated work by Hayao Miyazaki, the movie has a lot more humanity than the average post-apocalyptic film.

Nausicaä presents a story of humanity and nature through stunning animation and storytelling

So there you have our list of the top 17 Post-Apocalyptic movies you should see in 2017. The genres and types of stories you can tell in the post-apocalyptic setting are almost as endless as the ways in which that apocalypse may come about. On a more personal note, what I personally enjoy most in this genre is how humanity rebuilds, not just survives, and contemplations on the faults of the civilization that was ended while walking through the rotting, skeletal remains of once great cities, now being raclaimed by nature. Which may explain why I love games like Fallout so much.

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