17 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games Worth Playing in 2017

Bring out the strategic genius in you through these games…
Bring out the strategic genius in you through these games…

The Best Turn Based Strategy Games To Play Right Now

turn-based strategy (TBS) games are sometimes considered as being too slow compared to its RTS counterpart. While they are slower, they are very far from being boring.

In reality, turn-based strategy are closer to chess than to other games with strategic elements, requiring patience and foresight. They are never about rash and mindless action and force players to plan how best to defeat their foes. 

Turn-based strategy games have been around for some time and they have cemented themselves in the modern gaming industry as a pillar genre. Many developers are turning to making Turn Based Strategy games due to its knack to draw in players and challenge them.

Built around epic stories, players are forced to survive in a world , through their decisions and choices. In fact, the choices players make in these games are far greater and profound than those found in AAA RPG games.

1. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Gameplay Preview

When Bishop Alexander The Innocent declares that all sorcerers are evil, its is up to you and your fellow sorcerers to team up and defeat him.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has a high bar that it must meet, and fortunately, it has lived up to expectations. The introduction of turn-based combat was an instant hit with fans, giving a greater meaning to otherwise mundane player actions.

Players can choose between 5 races: Human, Elf, Dwarves, Undead and Lizard. They can also choose between various origin stories for their character.

The combat has been balanced with small tweaks that allow players to further use their environments to their advantage. Similar to the previous installment, each character has a fixed number of action points that can be spent on moves, attacks and spells. This allows for a more decisive and controlled gameplay that allows players manipulate their characters into realizing the true extent of their abilities.

A world where even battles require thinking ahead.

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