Top 17 Games like Resident Evil: Ranked Good to Best

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Survivors of the Biohazards

Get ready to play with the lights on... Games like Resident Evil.

Congratulations, you’ve survived the zombie hordes and have somehow managed to come out the other side unscathed... now what?

Once you've experienced the adrenaline dump that comes with dodging the various Biohazards; everything else just seems mediocre in comparison.

Never fear! Here are some games guaranteed to get your heart pumping and make you second guess what that noise was. 

Counting down the top 17 games like Resident Evil.

17. Alan Wake

In this psychological horror thriller you play as the best-selling author, Alan White. Alan's wife has mysteriously disappeared while they are on vacation in the small, sleepy town of Bright Falls; it's your job to seek out and find clues to her whereabouts and figure out what happened. 

Your search takes you out into the dark; into the surrounding forest filled with malicious, violent humans known as 'The Taken'. These entities lurk in the shadows waiting to attack you with various weapons and projectiles. Some unseen presence flings barrels and other objects at you. Vehicles turn on without drivers and try to mow you down.

Darkness gives them strength.  Light is your ally, it's your weapon against these strange and terrifying creatures.

All the while, you find pages from a thriller novel that you don't remember writing. It becomes immediately apparent that something is very wrong in Bright Falls; something supernatural stalks the quiet town, and you, as you traverse this dark, shadowy landscape searching for clues to Alan's wife's disappearance.  Be wary, be vigilant, and conserve your light.  You’ll need it.

Conserve your light; it's your best defense against what lurks in the shadows.

There's no shame in running. No, seriously, run away and find a lighted safe area.

16. Dreadout

Alone, completely separated from your friends, you must decipher mysterious puzzles as you search for your missing friends and try to figure out how to escape.

Plagued by the stirrings of a strange and frightening power within yourself; you must traverse the dark forbidding halls and crawl through small enclosed spaces with only you cell phone flashlight to keep you company.

Unbeknownst to you; your arrival in this deserted town as disturbed something, awaking it from its slumber.  Keep your phone charged; it's your only hope against the sinister force dogging your steps.

Find your friends, escape... before it's too late

Keep your phone ready; it's your only defense.

15.  Alien Isolation

Your mother's disappearance has plagued you since your 11th birthday; you have spent your entire life searching. Now, the flight recorder from the Nostromos has been salvaged from deep space. The only remaining clue to the fate of Ellen Ripley.

In a desperate bid for answers, you set off for the trading station, Sevastpool. Upon arrival; things go horribly wrong.

Now, stranded on the decommissioned station; you must navigate through an increasingly volatile world. The station is dark, nearly abandoned. What remaining population it has is terrified and unpredictable.

With good reason; something sinister stalks the inhabitants of Sevastpool. Something that lives in the vents that attacks and kills from the shadows... something intelligent and adaptable.

It will take all of your wits to uncover the truth behind your mother's disappearance and survive the menace that stalks Sevastpool. Good luck.

Hide, hack, scavenge and craft items; your wits are the only thing keeping you alive.

Prepare to be hunted; you can't escape, it will find you.

14. Outlast

In this first person survival horror you play investigative journalist Miles Upshur as he explores Mount Missive Asylum.

On an anonymous tip, you break into the newly reopened Mount Massive Asylum...and descend into hell.

Nightmarish creatures stalk you as you traverse the dark halls of the Asylum.  You only have three options: run, hide or die.

Use your camera as a flashlight and to record your surroundings for evidence; but beware, the bright light will attract unwanted attention.

Crawl through dark sewers and air ducts, creep through prison cells and hospital wings and dodge into narrow spaces to avoid the hellish monstrosities that haunt the asylum.

Solve puzzles as you try to unravel the terrifying truth at the heart of Mount Massive. 

If you manage to survive and make it out alive; perhaps you'll be brave enough to test your mettle against Outlast 2, the second game in the series, that's scheduled to come out April 25, 2017.

Use your camera to gather evidence and help you navigate through the dark halls

Beware, bright lights will attract the hellish denizens

13. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

In this open world supernatural mystery, you play as Paul Prospero, paranormal investigator, as he travels to Red Creek Valley.

You have received a disturbing letter from a young 16 year old fan named Ethan. You decide to travel to Red Creek Valley to investigate; yet, when you arrive you find that things are considerably worse then you initially believed.

There has been numerous brutal murders and now young Ethan had disappeared.

To discover the fate of the missing boy, you must use your supernatural ability to communicate with the dead and your keen observation skills to gather clues and unravel the mystery that haunts Creek Valley.

Spring traps and solve puzzles as you explore a vast open world to uncover the dark secrets hidden in Red Creek Valley

Use your supernatural ability to gather clues to find Ethan Carter

12. Dying Light

In this survival horror, you play Kyle Cane, an undercover operative that is sent into the quarantine zone to find Kadir 'Rais' Suleiman.

As you explore a vast open world devastated by some sort of epidemic and filled with hordes of the undead; you must decide between completing the mission set by your agency, and helping the other survivors.

During the day, scavenge for supplies and craft weapons to defend yourself; for when the sun goes down, the horde becomes more aggressive and vicious inhuman monsters stalk the night.

Use any and all means at your disposal to survive until dawn.

Craft and use various weapons to defend yourself from the horde.

Everything changes at night

11. Dead Island

Banoi, a beautiful tropical paradise; gorgeous white sandy beaches, glittering turquoise waters and a horde of undead just waiting for you to slip up so they can devour you.

In this open world survival horror, you get to play as one of 4 characters, Logan Carter, Purna, Xian Mei or Sam B, as you attempt to survive and escape the zombie infested island of Banoi.

Each character has unique strengths, fighting styles and abilities that you will need to utilize to escape the island.

Scavenge for supplies; build, upgrade and modify various weapons to defend yourself. Keep everything; you never know when something might come in handy for a weapons mod.

Utilize all your options and you just might survive.

Melee, firearms, explosives? Which is your preferred weapon of choice?

Keep everything. You never know when something may come in handy.

10. Dead Island 2

Much like its predecessor; you have the option of 4 playable characters: Ryan, Ashlee, John and Dani. Each character has their own unique attributes, abilities and strengths.

Scavenge, build and modify new and improved weapons as you attempt to survive the undead hordes.

Beware the Suicider; they explode when shot and are much faster than they look

Scavenge, build and modify new and exciting weapons to inflict maximum damage on the undead.

9. Deadlight

In this cinematic survival platformer; you play as Randall Wayne, a man that is searching for his family after come cataclysmic event in the 1980's decimated life on earth.

Learn to utilize your environment to your advantage as you run, jump, and climb on your quest for answers and your desperate search for those you love.

Parkour your way past stunning scenery where one misstep means death.

There are more zombies than bullets; utilize your environment to avoid the zombies

8. Until Dawn

One year ago, ten friends traveled to Blackwood Mountain for their annual winter getaway; only eight come back.

Now, in this interactive drama survival horror, you play as the remaining eight friends as they return to Blackwood Mountain on the anniversary of their friend’s disappearance.

Once there, you quickly come to the realization that you are not alone on the mountain as an unknown assailant stalks your every move.

Search for answers and remember; every decision you make could be the difference between life and death. Can you survive Until Dawn?

Play as 8 different characters as you search for clues.

Beware; every decisions could mean the difference between life and death.

7. Dead Space

In this third person survival horror, you play as an engineer named Isaac Clarke as he is sent to repair a deep space mining vessel that has gone dark.

When the USG Ishimura, the vessel your girlfriend is currently working on, goes dark after unearthing a mysterious artifact from a strange planet; you decide to accept the mission to repair said vessel.

Immediately upon arrive; things go wrong.  The vessel is abandoned. The crew slaughtered and the halls are now crawling with alien creatures known as 'Necromorphs'.

Now on the run for your life; you must figure out what happened and survive long enough to find a way to escape.

Strategically kill the alien scourge as you search for answers

Battle in zero gravity; where enemies can strike from anywhere

6. Dead Space 2

In this third person survival horror, you return to deep space to play as engineer Isaac Clarke.

It's been three years since the incident aboard the USG Ishimura; you wake to find yourself on the space station Sprawl, with no recollection of how you got there or the last three years.

Plagued by horrific visions of your dead girlfriend, Nicole, you must survive the latest outbreak of Necromorphs. As if that wasn't enough, there are humans after you as well, claiming that you are the cause of this latest outbreak.

Using new and improved weapons and abilities; you must solve puzzles, survive the outbreak and find answers so you can end the chaos once and for all.

Zero gravity gives you 360 degree movement

Use newly improved weapons and abilities to carve a path through the alien scourge.

5. The Last of Us

In this third person action adventure survival horror, you play Joel, a black market smuggler that's been hired to get 14 year old Ellie out of the quarantine zone.

Twenty years ago a pandemic swept across the world, infecting over half the population. The country was turned into a police state and each city is placed under martial law.

Now, in the year 2033, all survivors are sent to designated quarantine zones that are meant to keep them safe and separate from the infected.

You are hired to lead Ellie, the only known person to be immune to the infection, out of the quarantine zone and help her get to the anti-government organization known as the Fireflies.

Stealth is crucial; use it to scavenge for supplies and sneak by enemies as you travel across the U.S. on your journey to rendezvous with the Fireflies.

Utilize Listen mode to locate enemies more effectively

Keep moving and don't try to take on the infected head on. Run and then pick them off one by one.

4. State of Decay

In this third person survival horror; you start off playing as Marcus Campbell, a man that went off to Mount Tanner for a fishing trip and came back to a zombie apocalypse.

It was supposed to be a simple fishing trip with your friend Ed Jones; then you're attacked by a group of nasty 'bitey' people.

As you and Ed make it back down the mountain you begin to realize that things have quite literally gone to hell.

The world has be lost to the zombies and now, you have to survive.

Explore the massive map as you scavenge and fight off the horde.

Build a secure and defendable base; recruit specialists like paramedics, soldiers, and gardeners to improve your odd of survival.

Train up each of your survivors into survival pros; scavenge for supplies and forge relationships with other survivor communities.

A word of warning; survivors can be killed and once they are gone... they are gone for good. So be wary, the game isn't over until the last survivor falls to the horde.

If you can survive this stage of the zombie apocalypse; then you'll have the option to join forces with up to three of your friends in the upcoming State of Decay 2, set to be releasing later in 2017.

Build you base and defend against the zombie hordes

Recruit and train specialists to improve your odds. The game isn't over until the last man falls.

3. 7 Days to Die

In this unique survival horror, you must scavenge and craft various weapons and armor to fight off the zombies and survive the horde.

Explore a vast open world where you scavenge, collect build and fight against zombies, outlaws and other players.

Choose to play alone or with friends as you attempt to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

Explore a vast world and deal with real world issues like hunger and dehydration.

Scavenge, collect, and create unique weapons and armor to give you a leg up in the survival game.

2. The Walking Dead 

In this 5-part adventure horror based in the same universe as Robert Kiekman's comic book series; you play as Lee Everett, history teacher and convicted criminal on his way to prison.

You're on your way to prison for murder, when the police cruiser you're in hits something and crashes. Unknown to you, the cruiser has hit a Walker – a zombie – and now the police officer that was your escort is one too.

Injured and disoriented you flee the shuffling undead until you find a young orphaned girl named Clementine, hiding in her tree house.

Protecting this girl will be your redemption...

Meet knew and familiar faces as you explore the world; every decision has lasting consequences that will affect how the story plays out.

Get a taste for how you would handle an apocalyptic situation as you are forced to make snap decisions on your road to redemption and survival.

You move through familiar settings from the series; protect your young companion and earn your redemption.

Make snap decisions that will have lasting consequences; can you survive the horror of the zombie apocalypse.

1. The Evil Within

In this survival horror, you play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he investigates the scene of a horrific mass murder.

You arrive on scene at Beacon Memorial Hospital with your two partners, Joseph Oda and Julie Kidman. Inside the hospital you find a grisly mass murder.

As you investigate, you see fellow officers being attacked by some unseen force. This entity kills the officers and then attacks you; rendering you unconscious.

You wake to a hellish world where nightmarish creatures and unspeakable horrors stalk blood stained corridors.

Explore the alternating environments that can change suddenly and drastically based on the decisions you make as you attempt to unravel the horrific and mysterious source of the evil residing at the heart of this deranged landscape.

Face and solve deadly traps and survive the horrors of this horrendous and ghastly world.

Beware of the alternating landscape as it twists and warps around you in response to your decisions.

Turn fiendish and terrifying traps against the hellish creatures that stalk you as you struggle to escape.

Have you survived this horror packed list?

There you have it folks, the top 17 survival horror games like Resident Evil.

Do you have other suggestions for adrenaline pumping survival horror games? Leave a comment with your suggestions.

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