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Titanfall (2014)

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Titanfall brings players into The Frontier, a place where humans have set up colonies in many solar systems. Two factions are in power here - the IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation) and the Frontier Militia. The IMC plans to exploit The Frontier of its natural resources to make its shareholders richer while the Frontier Militia controls and defends territories of their own from the IMC. Inevitably, war breaks out and a space corporation named Hammond Robotics starts supplying giant sized Mecha-Combatants called Titans and Spectres to both factions.

In Titanfall, players will choose a faction to fight for and control a human pilot and their selected machine of destruction "Titan", to destroy enemies in an all-out multiplayer fight-fest. Pilots can carry their standard assault weapons, grenades, and an "Anti-Titan Weapon". When inside their Titans, they use much bigger weapons to destroy enemies such as the 40mm Cannon, Plasma Railgun, or Arc Cannon.

With a selection of devastating weapons, a Titan fps concept and five fast-paced multiplayer modes, players must destroy the opposing force or be crushed on the battlefield.

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syahrir's picture

syahrir 3 years 3 weeks ago

"advance warfare".this game brings the intensity,the "WOWness",the excitement in advance warfare first shooting game to a different level,pack with stunning views and story line and also a TITAN,an advance technological war machine to protect or to conquer the battlefield.

555's picture

555 3 years 1 month ago

Really 8 best Free Game of 2015 is awesome.My very excited to played this game.I often itself some things different. In this mission pack to the popular original, Battlefield 2: Special Forces brings the intensity and excitement of its predecessors into the realm of covert ops with the latest, most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems available to man

nicomorganelli's picture

nicomorganelli 3 years 1 month ago

This game is separate, but equal to many first-person shooters. It adds many de-evolved features that are not prominent in most FPS games, but I found it rather dry in the sense of it being: 1. Graphically lacking. 2. Less gun options, and therefore less expounding upon one's skill inventory. 3. Contained already-used FPS characteristics. One great thing I got out of this game was the use of Titans in warfare, as well as the on-ground combat. Those two aspects twisted nicely.

AlexanderTheNate's picture

AlexanderTheNate 3 years 1 month ago

During my experience playing this game, I often found myself wanting something different; something that really threw a spin on a classic, proven formula for how to make a First Person shooter. Although the developers of Titanfall have introduced a brand new mechanic to the genre (jet propulsion), it still feels dry and just seems to be tacking on a feature and riding that feature out in hope of creating something a lot of people like.

kuria_Davis's picture

kuria_Davis 3 years 1 month ago

This phenomenal animation consisting of robots sent from space has really taken the multiplayer FPS to another level.It consist of a perfectly balanced gameplay ,a huge range of emergent tactics other than the great controls incorporated which also consist of a strong level design.However it has some graphical flaws,the lack of game modes and the underwhelming of pilot customization.

contentwriter's picture

contentwriter 3 years 1 month ago

Titanfall has separated itself from its competitors in the FPS world in that you do not have to grind to be competitive, as one of the best weapons is unlocked from the beginning. With the small maps, and mix of AI and active players, you never have to wait long to find action. A little repetitive, but overall a great game to spend a few hours from time to time.

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