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12. Jørgen Lindemann - CEO Modern Times Group (MTG) Estimated Net W... read more
The author of the most beloved childrens books
J.K. Rowling is one of the most successful writers of all time, but wh... read more
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A new day dawns on sci-fi's most iconic franchise The officia... read more
Fallout 4 sees huge financial success
Bethesda's Fallout 4 Enjoys massive financial success The long awai... read more
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A New Superhero Is In Town Superhero movies are more relevant now t... read more
The Last Of Us, The Last Of Us Movie, top 10 apocalypse movies, Resident Evil, Zombieland, Stake Land, Dawn Of The Dead, I Am Legend, The Road, The Walking Dead, The Day, Train To Busan, Doomsday
10 post-apocalyptic movies that you should watch if you liked The Last... read more
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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Even more amazing two years after release!... read more
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Whilst Dragon Age has yet to hit the silver screen here are 19 films f... read more
best roguelike pc games 2017
Death, despair and diabolical challenge in infinite combinations await... read more
Fallout 4 90's shooter mod
“Revolted” mod adds a fully fleshed out retro FPS within the main game... read more
Marvel is dominating the box office, and has been for years, but with... read more
Despite being one of the world’s favorite books, Harry Potter is not t... read more
top 10 medieval strategy games for pc
Here Are the 10 Best Medieval Strategy Games to Play on PC Right Now... read more
With season seven fast approaching, and anticipation rising, we take a... read more
Overwatch has given us so many more beautiful cosplays to look at, esp... read more
Blizzard’s poster girl has hundreds of cosplays. Which ones are the be... read more
11 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2017
2017 brings with it some of our favorite classic horror villains and s... read more
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We first saw the cast of Harry Potter back in 2001. Sixteen years have... read more
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Hundreds of millions of dollars were put into making the Harry Potter... read more
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Who wins the Cowl? Right or left? Sugar or spice? Marvel or DC? The... read more
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Rising Out of the Ashes Overwatch Appears We all know that the FPS... read more
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What are the Biggest Overwatch Tournaments in Early 2017? Even befo... read more
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Since launch, Overwatch has gained incredible strength in the esports... read more
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  Great heroes create great villains, and Batman has some of t... read more
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See Thedas in a Different Way Whether you’re a newcomer to the game... read more
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Vanilla WoW Private Server Popularity - Is Blizzard Doing Something Wr... read more
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  Let’s Break It Down Debuting eight years apart, Dragon Ag... read more
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Back and Better Than Ever Since Mass Effect 3 released in 2012, fan... read more
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More than a Decade and Counting Since the fantastic and wildly succ... read more
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The Marvel movies are majorly successful. What are the numbers that pr... read more
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What are the largest gaming tournaments out there today? Multiplaye... read more
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Outstanding war movies: what makes them worth our time? The history... read more
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Begging For Mercy As one of the strongest healers in Overwatch, Mer... read more
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Meet the Poster Girl for Overwatch, Tracer Tracer is arguably the b... read more
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