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best Weapons in DnD (Legendary Weapons)
They don't make treasure hoards like they used to...

9. Moonblade

Moonblades are passed from family member to family member, with each generation adding it's power.

Moonblades were crafted by ancient Elven smiths whose methods have been lost to time. Named for both the moon elves who made them and the moonstones in the pommel, each blade gains power from each owner. A Moonblade is unique in nature and magical potency, reflective of the family to whom it belongs. A Moonblade is passed along the bloodlines of the one who first claimed it. Only family members of neutral good alignment and pure heart may wield these blades.

Upon choosing to bond with the blade, you endure the bladerite. A prospective wielder is judged against the character and power of previous wielders, with each new holder given a higher standard. If found unworthy, you become engulfed in a magical arcane fire. The Wielder of a Moonblade imbues the blade with some of their essence, and separating from the blade comes with deadly consequences. Should you survive the bladerite, you will hold a weapon of unique and unimaginable power.

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