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best Weapons in DnD (Legendary Weapons)
They don't make treasure hoards like they used to...

7. Whelm

An ancient and powerful hammer whose power comes at a terrible price. 

Whelm is one of three weapons from the original White Plume Mountain dungeon. It is a Warhammer of dwarven make that bestows severe agoraphobia upon you. At the first dawn after the first attack you make with this weapon, you gain disadvantage on rolls in view of the daylit sky. The cost is well worth it to the wise adventurer, as you can work around the drawbacks and still take advantage of the great magic available to you.

Whelm can be thrown and will do extra damage to giants. Upon being thrown it will fly back to you, or land at your feet if your hands are full. A mighty shockwave can be sent along the ground with Whelm once per day. The weapon grants the wielder a supernatural ability to perceive hidden doors as well as the ability to cast Detect Evil and Good and Locate Object. The hammer is sentient and will cause conflict if you fail to kill giants and goblinoids or to protect dwarves

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