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14. Oathbow

The Oathbow, prepared to take down the mightiest of foes [Photo Credit: Wizards of the Coast]

Next up is the Oathbow, a weapon born out of vengeance. The Oathbow is of Elvish make, which is made clear by the ornate nature symbols engraved into the wood. 

When an Oathbow is wielded, it functions in the same way as an ordinary, handmade bow. When hunting a great nemesis, however, such as Strahd Von Zarovich, the bow can channel your desire for vengeance. 

Whispering into the mantle of the bow, you curse your enemy, and it is at this moment that the bow comes to life. The arcane symbols on its exterior begin to move ever so slightly, as you have now marked the opponent as your “Sworn Enemy.” Pretty cool, right? 

For the next week, or until you vanquish your enemy, the bow grants you the upper hand in every combat encounter with them. This comes at a cost: should you try to attack with any other weapon during this time, you find yourself to be weak and unskilled with it.

The Oathbow is not designed just for picking off goblins, though it is quite good at that. The Oathbow is the weapon you save for your most contemptible enemies, the ones that the DM has spent half the campaign building up to. 

It is in those moments, when you face down the greatest of villains, that you want to have an Oathbow on your side. 

Oathbow Stats:

  • Requires Attunement
  • Can mark an opponent as your Sworn Enemy. Doing so grants you advantage on all attack rolls against them, as well as a 3d6 damage bonus.

Why this weapon is legendary:

  • The Oathbow is a weapon with personality 
  • Its benefits can last up to a week
  • It contains the spirit of vengeance! It is sure to strike fear into your enemies, once they recognize it.
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