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A cloaked character wields a Sword of Answering

3. Hand of Vecna

The hand, pictured right, longs to return to its companion weapon [Photo Credit: Wizards of the Coast]

As if the Eye of Vecna were not trouble enough in the world, the Hand of Vecna poses an arguably greater danger. The Hand grants incredible strength to its bearer, in addition to a constant damage bonus anytime you make a melee attack.

The hand has its own set of spells up its sleeve, but Vecna’s spirit tries to intervene when one is cast, persuading the wielder to do his bidding. 

The Hand is formidable on its own, but if it were to be combined with the eye, there is no telling how much ruin would be brought upon the world.

Hand of Vecna Stats:

  • Requires attunement
  • Strength score increased to 20
  • Deal an extra 2d8 cold damage when you attack using the hand (or a weapon held by it)
  • Can use charges to cast the following spells: finger of death, slow, sleep, and teleport.

Why this weapon is legendary:

  • Potential to join with the eye for an exponential power boost
  • Constant damage bonus
  • Spellcasting capabilities
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