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8. Whelm

Whelm, having not been wielded in centuries, lies on a bed of silk [Photo Credit: Wizard+]

Like Wave, Whelm can also be found in the heart of White Plume Mountain. Whelm is a Dwarvish Warhammer, and can only be wielded by Dwarves. It loathes giants and goblins and will be displeased if its wielder fails to take them on. It also seeks to protect Dwarfkind.

Whelm can be thrown, just like Mjolnir, and it will return to your hand every single time. In addition, it can be used to strike the ground, outputting a shockwave so powerful that it can stun your opponents, no matter how many there are. 

As a result of its Dwarvish origins, Whelm knows the location of all secret doors near your location, and will not hesitate to tell you when it has found one. Whelm can also help you find a specific object, or determine if certain creature types are nearby.

This all comes at a cost, however. Once you use Whelm in combat, you develop a crippling fear of the outdoors while you remain attuned. You struggle greatly when the daytime sky is visible.

Whelm Stats:

  • Requires attunement by a dwarf
  • Lawful Neutral 
  • +3 Bonus to all Attack and Damage Rolls
  • Can be thrown for an extra 1d8 damage, or 2d8 if it hits a Giant.
  • Can be slammed into the ground to create a stunning shockwave
  • You can cast Locate Object and Detect Evil and Good once per day
  • You are aware of all hidden doors within 30 feet
  • You suffer disadvantage on all attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws when you can see the daytime sky.

Why this weapon is legendary:

  • Closest your character will ever get to being Thor
  • Secret doors will never be hidden from you again
  • Extremely versatile, functioning as both a ranged and melee weapon.
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