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Turn-Based Strategy Games
Prepare to use your brain

8) Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 Cinematic Trailer 

A combination of sports, high-fantasy and turn-based strategy give Blood Bowl 2 a different feel from other games on this list. Imagine this as a 4X game, only with American Football. Different races get together to play Football and you get to control one of them and lead them to victory in tournaments. You get to play as one race or create a mixed team. While it’s just a sports game, strategy is by no means less important, as you must thoroughly examine your choices to advance or disable enemies on the field. This fun experience is a worthy addition to this list.

Blood Bowl 2 Gameplay

With fantastic animation and distinctly-looking character, Blood Bowl 2 is a small game that every strategy fan should play

Blood Bowl 2 Gameplay 2

Literally destroy your enemies on the field

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