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Turn-Based Strategy Games
Prepare to use your brain

6) Age of Wonders 3

Age of Wonders III Gameplay Trailer

With fantastic battle animations and a sense of urgency in its gameplay, Age of Wonders III is by far the best in the Age of Wonders 4X strategy series. You are the leader of an empire that seeks to gain control over the world. The beauty of AoF is in the details, customization is incredibly strong and how you look influences how you play. The map has an amazing design and it’s something to behold. You also get to select classes and skill sets based on RPG games and take your troops to victory. Age of Wonders III is one of the most visually striking strategy games out there, and therefore, it deserves a spot on this list.

Age of Wonders Map

Be the master of this fairy tale world

Age of Wonders Gameplay

Awe inspiring at times, let the magical world suck you in

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