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Turn-Based Strategy Games
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4) The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga Gameplay Trailer 

While part 2 added a couple of new features, there’s an unrivaled charm in the original Banner Saga from 2014. Developed by Stoic Studio, you control a caravan of Norse people trying to survive a long war against a supernatural enemy. The focus is this game is placed on decisions, half of it plays like Telltale’s The Walking Dead, the other like Final Fantasy Tactics. The story will change depending on which choices you make, and the story compels you to make the best choices you can and keep your fingers crossed. Combat is fantastic, with small variables that depend on which characters you choose to take to battle. The Banner Saga was a big surprise when it came out, and four years later it remains a game with an aesthetic like no other.

Banner Saga Gameplay

With an amazing hand-drawn art-style and animation, The Banner Saga keeps you on your toes with a gripping story

Banner Saga Dialogue

Seriously! Just look at how awesome it looks

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