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Turn-Based Strategy Games
Prepare to use your brain

2) XCOM 2

XCOM 2 Gameplay

All over this list, I’ve been comparing most games to XCOM, there’s a reason for that. Enemy Unknown was developed by Firaxis Games and it’s a reboot of the classic 1990s series of the same name. In it, you take control of humans who must protect earth from an alien invasion in turn-based strategy battles with some randomized factors thrown for good measure. XCOM is iconic within the genre because is the perfect example of how to do these types of games.

The gameplay is rich as you manage every little detail of your quest, from customizing your characters to your headquarters. You move your units across the map the best way you can, in a challenging game that will make you come back for more. Customization and progression are what make XCOM special, as you create a bond with your soldiers that could be taken away at any point by the permadeath system. XCOM is excellence in turn based strategy gameplay and remains a must-have for any fan looking for a challenge.

XCOM 2 Gameplay

Amazing animation and graphics are synonymous with the XCOM franchise

XCOM 2 Customization

Make your own personal squad with some great fashion choices

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