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Turn-Based Strategy Games
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Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point Gameplay 

Designed by Snapshot Games and the creator of the XCOM franchise, and schedule for release mid-2019, Phoenix Point has a huge name to live up to. The story will focus on different human factions as they fight for survival in a world that’s being overtaken by disgusting alien creatures. So far, the development of this has looked fantastic, and every detail has only made XCOM fans more excited. As well as what you’ve come to expect from XCOM (turn-based battles, permadeath and tactical combat systems), Phoenix Point will also look to add procedurally generated and 4X elements that should give fans an entirely revitalized experience once it’s released.

Phoenix Point Gameplay

Lovecraft-inspired monsters and a grand strategy view shall define Phoenix Point once it’s launched

Phoenix Point Villain

You're definitely in trouble

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