33 Best Black Widow Cosplays of All Time: Page 8 of 10

Black Widow Cosplays
Sexy, stealth and deadly, those are the qualities of a Black Widow!

9. Lindsay Elyse

Cosplay by Lindsay Elyse

First of all, the belt is flawless! Those circles are perfectly cut and put together. Everything about what Lindsay did with her Black Widow cosplay is superb!

8. Nikita Cosplay

Cosplay by Nikita Cosplay

I love how Nikita was able to make her bodysuit go over the boots to give it that seamless look. This is a really smartly done cosplay.

7. Alexia Jean Grey

Cosplay by Alexia Jean Grey

Alexia Jean Grey also added belting to her cosplay to give her Black Widow a battle ready feel. She also added the patina to her stingers which really adds quite a lot to this costume. Very well done!

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