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Horror Games Where You Play as the Killer
Run run as fast as you can...

6. Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Gameplay as Jason

We’re back at Camp Crystal Lake but this time you aren’t the innocent camp counselor. You are Jason Vorhees, the ax wielding nightmare of campfire legend.

I’m used to these kind of games being all about survival. Like Five Nights at Freddy's or Evil Within. Instead, as the hapless teenagers fumble around in the dark trying to solve puzzles like getting their car working or hiding in a nearby cabin, you play Jason Voorhees.

Like with Deceit, one player out of your group will be chosen at random to be the infamous Jason. While the counselors are rushing to repair items in the game to  escape the map, Jason strolls around collecting skills. Each match lasts twenty minutes and in that time Jason upgrades “time periods” several times. With each time period comes a new set of stats like increased strength or stamina. Jason's weapon is predetermined depending on which Jason in particular is chosen by the player for the match. Each one of these weapons deals a fixed amount of damage. For example Parts 3 and 4 Jason deal higher amounts of weapon damage because of the strength stat but Part 6 Jason has a longer range. Sadly, he cannot pick up any counselor weapons he finds, nor can he destroy them but he can force counselors to drop their weapons by grabbing them.

You break down doors, stalk your victims, and slay other players with an ax or your signature machete. I feel like I’m fulfilling a teenage dream strangling those meddling kids. I was never scared of Jason in all of the movies. I would chomp my popcorn and cheer him on, coming up with ways to take down the next one. Maybe it’s just the bloodlust talking but chasing down the “Hot Chick” and turning her into a bloody pulp is so much more fun than hiding under the bed.

There are many methods of killing the camp counselors. Not all of them involve weapons.

As Jason Vorhees you can be armed with an ax or your classic machete

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Liso 1 year 5 months ago

I'm LOVING Friday the 13th! Definitely becoming one of my new favorites :) Fantastic article!

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