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Horror Games Where You Play as the Killer
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4) Lucius 2: The Prophecy

Lucius 2 gameplay trailer

The sequel to Lucius, Lucius 2: The Prophecy picks up where the last one left off. This time we follow The Book of Revelations. It predicts the coming of a child who would, one day, rule the world with an iron rod. The child has been born, fulfilling the first part of the prophecy . Now it’s time to take care of the rest.

Now, seven-year-old Lucius, is taken to the psychiatric ward of a hospital by his new caretakers. They are convinced he needs help after his family fell victim to so many “accidents.” With the help of Detective McGuffin, from the original game, Lucius works his way down through the hospital from floors five to one. While the gameplay in the sequel is very different than the original game the goal is still to murder without being caught. You still have use of telekinesis and mind control to move objects (and characters) to do your evil bidding. However, instead of just “accidents” you are the antichrist setting into motion the trials of the apocalypse into the town of Ludlow. As Lucius you release locusts, put acid in the sprinklers, and apparently even kill another character with salt. The game ends with Lucifer telling Lucius he is special and can bring forth the rapture as “the little Antichrist.”

There are many different grizzly ends to meet in the game including an exploding stove

In Lucius 2 you are trapped in a mental ward. Your task is to kill to escape. Just don’t get caught

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