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 Best Gothic Games
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6. Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt Gameplay

In the 1700s, creatures from the traditional stories of gothic horror (demons, werewolves, zombies, witches, vampires) began to a have a resurgence of belief as isolated religious communities made it to the new world. Isolation, as we know, breeding superstition.

You are a witch hunter whose family was slain by demons in the night. Now you brand a musket, sword, pistol and your Puritan faith to hunt down the remaining monsters of the world in an attempt to claim vengeance for the death of your family.

While the graphics are not on par with many modern adventure games, the gameplay is in a league of its own.

In this game, you must think tactically as to what ammo your using and what beast you are hunting, zombies are not worth your expensive silver bullets while werewolves are practically invincible if you don’t wield their kryptonite

Reloading a flintlock weapon can take a hot minute, but the animation is quasi-realistic with the animation only taking 6ish seconds (but 6 seconds nonetheless!)

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