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Best Horror Manga
Spiral into Madness with these Horror Stories

1. Uzumaki

The spiral infects a whole town

Uzumaki, in Japanese, means “spiral” (hence the helpful English subtitle for the book: Spiral into Horror) and throughout these three volumes we become well acquainted with a town that is becoming possessed by the idea of the spiral. The theme of spirals makes its mark across every chapter and in numerous inventive (and usually gruesome) ways. In one case, a girl’s hair takes on a spiraling, hypnotic life of its own. In another, a boy grows a spiraling shell on his back and gradually becomes a snail. A scar bores into one girl’s mind. Another girl finds herself the love interest of a typhoon.

• The idea of spiral and how it wreaks havoc in the story is enough to be intrigued

• This type of psychological dark and twisted horror is rare to find.

• Visceral, body horror is so extreme you will feel nauseous.

Their bodies twist into unnatural spirals

One boy morphs into a hideous snail monster

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