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Best Horror Manga
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10. Tokyo Ghoul

The mask of a Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul set in a modern-day Japan where both humans and ghouls co-exist. Ghouls are disguised as normal beings while avoiding authorities to keep low profiles. The ghouls prey on a normal people to fulfill their thirst for human flesh. Ken Kaneki, the protagonist, was on a date with a woman who turns out to be a ghoul that is after his flesh. Ken, barely surviving, was forced to face his life from a different angle after being turned into a ghoul — hiding in secrecy while continuing his normal life.

• Tokyo Ghoul is still one of the most iconic Japanese horror manga there is.

• The story is realistically told, and the main character living both sides of personality adds up to that style.

• If you’re into gory and tragic types of manga, this one is for you.

Ghouls hunger for human flesh

The red eye of a ghoul

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