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Best Places to Steal in Elder Scrolls Online
Skill gets you far. Thievery gets you farther.

6. Vivec City, Vvardenfell

Vivec City is the largest city on Vvardenfell and home of living god Vivec. The city is currently under construction. A large meteor hangs suspended above the city by the magic power of Vivec.

  • -You’ll find dozens of NPCs along the mainland, cantons, and plazas of the city, enabling you to pickpocket an inventory’s worth of goods
  • -You can find rare and valuable furniture crafting recipes, which net a huge profit
  • -Careful where you use the Blade of Woe to execute a target! Three pickpockets is usually safer than two and a stab
  • -Guards patrol the city, but can be easily evaded by jumping into the water
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