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Best Places to Steal in Elder Scrolls Online
Skill gets you far. Thievery gets you farther.

3. Vulkhel Guard, Auridon

Vulkhel Guard is a port city at the southern tip of Auridon. It is ruled by Canonreeve Nesaranwe.

Between the Temple of Auri-El and the Vulkhel Guard Manor and Treasury, you’ll find numerous priests garbed in white robes.

  • -Few guards patrol the area, so it’s easy to go undetected
  • -An entrance to the Outlaw Refuge is ironically right behind the church, letting you offload stolen goods quickly
  • -Watch out for guards along the main stone pathway and the left side path to the Outlaw Refuge
  • -If a guard does spot you, run to the Outlaw Refuge to evade them and pay off your bounty
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