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Best Thor Cosplays
Amapolchen with her epic Thor cosplay!

5. Artfulanarchy

Cosplay by Artfulanarchy

Thor can summon lightning as the god of thunder. In the comics, Thor can even cause tornadoes by whipping his cape around. Let’s hope that he never does this accidentally while dancing.

4. Kayley Marie Cosplay

Cosplay by Kayley Marie Cosplay

Thor is incredibly skilled at combat, as one of the best and most powerful warriors in Asgard. Not only can Thor wield Mjolnir, but swords as well. One of Thor’s most powerful abilities however isn’t what you think—Thor’s mind is often how battles are won, using strategy and cunning as much as strength.

3. Elfazelle Cosplay

Cosplay by Elfazelle Cosplay

Mjolnir was used to help Thor focus his powers until he could master them. Thor’s now able to manipulate and summon storms and electricity, as well as fly without the help of Mjolnir. Jane Foster also possesses similar abilities through Mjolnir, when she becomes Thor.

2. Florencia Sofen Cosplay

Cosplay by Florencia Sofen Cosplay

Jane Foster was originally meant to be the love interest of Dr. Donald Blake, Thor’s original secret identity in the comics. She obtains Thor’s powers when she starts wielding Mjolnir, which includes lightning manipulation, superhuman strength, and flight.

1. Tsu-yaa

Cosplay by Tsu-yaa

When Thor was unable to wield Mjonir, the hammer chose Jane Foster instead. She was even able to control the weapon in a way that the original Thor never could!

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