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Games Like Dead by Daylight
Jason Voorhees as the towering monster in Friday the 13th. Terrifying isn't it?

5. Identity V (Android Mobile Game)

Identity V Gameplay

A detective weathers away a stormy night in an abandoned mansion. There he encounters clues that paint a disturbing picture of past events that took place on the grounds - presumably. I don’t really know.

The story isn’t what’s important here. What is important is that you have a long commute on the train, or an indeterminate period of time to wait at the parole office, or a Thanksgiving dinner at great aunt Pattie’s house - whatever it is, it’s boring and you would rather spend the time butchering the online avatars of friends and strangers.

That’s where Identity V comes in. It’s an asymmetric slash fest in a mobile package.

Kids with buttons for eyes are creepy - what an entirely original concept!

Fire Fire FIre Fire, Kill them all..

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