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games like left 4 dead
Have fun killing more zombies in these games like L4D.

3. No More Room in Hell

Watch: No More Room in Hell Gameplay

Focused on realism, No More Room in Hell is a co-op with a first person perspective. Up to 7 players can join your team. Quite different from the more common, fast paced FPS, this game requires patience and appreciation for detail.

Realism is so important, and the HUD is not. There is no ammo bar. Instead, imagine

actually pulling the magazine to check for ammo. In the dark, as you feverishly scavenge for pills. The only way to extend your life after being infected.

Ax vs. zombies, in the darkness

No More Room in Hell includes a Zombie Objective Mode.

A rifle scope is the only thing between you and a zombie, and fire.

Free to play, in every meaning of the word

Even this zombie in a nice suit has to get a headshot

 "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth." from the original film series, No More Room in Hell is where this game draws its name and inspiration.

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