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Games Like Pillars of Eternity 2
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14. Tyranny

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Tyranny is especially similar to Pillars of Eternity because it was also developed by Obsidian. Released in 2016 between Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2, Tyranny has a similarly addicting story that is really hard to put down once you start. The biggest difference with Tyranny is that it has a significantly darker plot and aesthetic.

Instead of starting as the more typical dungeon crawling adventurer, in Tyranny your character begins as an arbiter of law in a world that feels a lot like Diablo 2: devastated, and ripped apart (literally and figuratively) by war and terror. It is up to you to lay down the law in Tyranny… however you see fit.

The combat is similarly tactical real-time, with the ability to pause and plan out how you will order your companions to decimate your enemies. And just like Pillars of Eternity, your choices really matter. So think carefully when you're deciding whether to be a charismatic, honorable leader, or an all-powerful tyrant (wink wink) who rules with fear!

Many players will appreciate the dark and foreboding aesthetic of Tyranny.

Each and every quest has so much detail.

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