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Games Like Resident Evil 7
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5. Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 Gameplay

Tossed into a High Tech Space Station, you play ‘Isaac Clark’ taken by the government, left to destroy any evil creatures lurking about, and the best part? You’re wearing an insanely cool RIG Suit that uses holograms, and you have some badass weapons too. Danger is near, as The ‘Necromorphs’ have been unleashed upon the residents of the sprawl, and it’s up to you to stop them. Watch out as these space Zombies seem to always pop out of ceilings directly on top of you, or always seem to come out of a room you just cleared. Action packed, intriguing visual graphics that are a huge step up from the first “Dead Space”. Be prepared to destroy the insane monsters, and enjoy an awesome atmosphere as well as its scary moments, cool kills, and great characters with a nice story plot with realistic sounds that make you unsure if it’s the game or one of your animals rummaging through trash, or something.

Dead Space 2-The monsters are horrifying better watch your back

Better watch your back as you’re constantly under attack, his tongue may be out, but that's no Gene Simmons!

Dead Space 2-Defeat the gruesome monsters

You really do get up close, and a little too personal, with these horrifying creatures!

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