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Hunt: Showdown Best Weapons
Lock and load.

7. The Nagant M1895 Silencer

Silent but deadly.

The Nagant Silencer was the first silenced weapon introduced into Huntand isthe most practical weapon in the game. As you may have already guessed, the Nagant Silenced is a silenced gun, meaning that to even think you can heard it you have to be within a couple dozen feet of someone whose firing it. Despite this obvious advantage, this gun has had a spotty history up to this point.

This weapon has seen three distinct phases of use. When it first came onto the scene, it was one of the most practical options in general. It could dispatch mobs and be used to get silent headshots in equal measure. Then its popularity waned as new weapons and weapon mechanics were introduced. Specifically, the new way distance affects the damage of different ammo types made this gun far less practical as a PVP weapon than it once was.

However, a new kind of hunter has revived this gun’s use, and subsequently its practical application. It is much more common than it used to be for a solo or duo to enter a match, kill a few dozen mobs, and skedaddle. With the Nagant Silenced you can kill zombies, hives, and hellhounds easily and quietly. This also affords the player an opportunity to work on their accuracy while they rack up some XP.

Now, we’ll look at the stats, so you can get a better technical picture of this weapon:

  • Capacity - 7/21
  • Cost - $58
  • Category - Small Weapon
  • Range - 30
  • Damage - 22
  • Control - 70
  • Rate of Fire - 60
  • Reload Speed - 40
  • Melee - 20
  • Stealth - 70
  • Heavy Melee - 30
  • Ammunition Type - Compact
  • Melee Damage Type - Blunt
  • Heavy Melee Damage Type - Blunt

In order to use this gun, you have to be rank 28. This puts it right after the Romero 77 Hatchet in the leveling system. The Hatchet and the Nagant Silenced actually make for a good pairing, as the Hatchet will allow you to take out armoreds, which the Nagant Silenced can’t do. The only drawback is that you’d have two extremely close range weapons.

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