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Hunt: Showdown Best Weapons
Lock and load.

3. The Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol

See the Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol unload here.

This one gives us an interesting little view into the metagame. The Chain Pistol is essentially just the standard Caldwell Conversion with a big belt of ammo. Now, throw in the "fanning"trait and it's a whole new ball game. The Chain Pistol goes from being an oversized version of one of the worst guns in the game to objectively, the best automatic weapon in the game. I’m looking at you, Mosin Avtomat.

So you might be thinking, “where does the meta come in?” Right about now. Well, in order to use the Chain Pistol the way it’sintended.your hunter has to have the fanning trait. You may be able to buy a hunter that comes with the trait randomly if you are a higher level, or you can grind out a hunter without the trait with the intention of giving it to him when he is leveled up.

This creates an interesting dynamic, wherein you have to build a loadout that will get you the trait that will allow you to get the loadout you really want, the one that hasthe Chain Pistol and fanning trait. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace the Chain Pistol slot with something like a hand cannon or a Nagant Officer in order to get a feel for how that slot will play when you get the Chain Pistol. You also have to balance that with what you’re comfortable with. If you are better with melee weapons than with hand cannons or the Nagant Officer, you may want to equip a melee weapon when building your future Chain Pistol Loadout.

Ultimately, some may find the Chain Pistol more trouble than its worth. Its saved my life God knows how many times. Anyway, here are the stats, so judge for yourself:

  • Capacity - 17/24 (the max amount of ammo you can take maybe increased by taking another gun that uses the same ammo type, like for instance the Winfield 1873)
  • Cost - $33
  • Category - Small Weapon
  • Range - 30
  • Damage - 30
  • Control - 50
  • Rate of Fire - 50 (before fanning)
  • Reload Speed - 30
  • Melee - 20
  • Stealth - 30
  • Heavy Melee - 30
  • Ammunition Type - Compact
  • Melee Damage Type - Blunt
  • Heavy Melee Damage Type - Blunt

Sadly, the Chain Pistol isn't unlocked until level 32. This puts it outside the range of newbies for quite a while, unless they dedicate to the grind. For experienced players who are prestiging, it can feel like a march to the Chain Pistol sometimes, but it almost always feels faster the second time around.

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