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Guaranteed to Make you Forget What Happened to Spidey in Infinity War

Act 3

All right, let us recap what just happened. SPOILERS AHEAD!

  • Dr. Octavius has become Doctor Octopus, broken every inmate in Ryker’s and the Raft out, and teamed up with five of Spidey’s worst enemies to give Spider-Man a horrible beat down.

  • Doc Ock released the Devil’s Breath in Time’s Square, infecting New York City, which is now under martial law.

  • Mayor Osborn has declared Spider-Man a fugitive and now has Sable’s men actively hunting him.

This where Spidey finds himself now.

Into the Fire

You need to start trying to get New York under control. Head for Midtown to help Yuri plan a counterattack

  • Be warned. Most of the people on the streets now are either criminals or Sable’s men. They will attack you on sight!

  • Sable has also started arresting anyone out on the streets. Help them out when you can, but be warned, they have units that can go airborne, and restraining devices that can nullify your gadgets

    • This is why I recommended getting all the gadgets and skills beforehand. You’re going to need them for the fight of your life

New York is a War Zone!

Choose which precinct to head to first

The Rhino is charging at the northwest precinct and clearing a path for prisoners to besiege it. Get down and provide them support

Good lord, he is strong!!

  • On the ground, the enemy will be packed together. Use your electric webs and web bombs to subdue them, and use spider-drones to deal with tougher ones such as brutes, shielded, and whip enemies.

  • Keep on your toes on the rooftops. Each of the prisoners has either a rocket launcher or a rifle.

Then Sable’s men show up and just decide to attack you. Now you have to fight them as well

  • They may have jetpacks, but they are still vulnerable to the same weaknesses as men on the ground. Get airborne and ground them with your electric webs and web shooters.

  • Do not forget to keep dodging. They are also vulnerable to throwables

When you finish there, head to the east precinct. Electro and the Demons have the police trapped inside.

I didn't even know Electro was powerful enough to do that. 

If you want to free the police, you need to take out the transformers. Use what you have learned about fighting to deal with the Demons, and then take out the transformers with your web shooters. A helicopter is carrying the last one, and it will be shooting at you with rockets. Wait for them to get close, then hit with your webs.


After the police are free, help them take down the remaining Demons. Then head to Harlem to help Aunt May, Miles, and MJ!

Picking up the Trail

Now it is time to get on the trail of Doc Ock and the Sinister Six. Head to Times Square to start looking for Octavius’ base

Here's the pattern analysis for Devil's Breath. This should save you some time!

Once you are inside the base, look at everything you find. All of Octavius’ plans are there, along with several audio logs. Once you are done looking at everything, watch Octavius’ video, and then get ready for a fight with Vulture and Electro.

I love the photo mode is this game. It's so much fun!

  • This battle is in the skies, so I hope you have mastered the art of web-slinging.

  • Electro will come at you first. Stay in the air and stay mobile. Wait for the on-screen prompt, and then target him with your web shooters. After that, move him to attack him

  • Electro will go for a nearby transformer to amplify his powers and release bolts of lightning in various directions. Dodge them, and then target the transformers to destroy them.

  • Now Vulture will switch out. He is faster than Electro, more maneuverable, and he can fire razor-sharp feathers at you. Dodge them, and the counter-attack.

    • Time it right, and you can throw Vulture’s feathers.

  • After you wear Vulture down, Electro returns and now you will have to fight both!

    • You will have to dodge both of their attacks at once. Wait for them to miss you, and then have at them.  I recommend going after Vulture first. Since he’s more mobile, he’s a bigger threat

  • Complete the QuickTime event.

  • Electro’s movement will become more erratic, so alternate between him and Vulture. When he goes for the final transformer, shoot it to put him out of commission for good.

  • After that, all you need to do is stop the Vulture

Streets of Poison

Head to the Central Park Reservoir to look for Scorpion. Bear with me, this episode is going to get… trippy.

Well, the web head was poisoned with a neurotoxin. We need to create an antidote. By the way, I am not sure if this is right, but I think the spectrograph for this one changes every time. On the other hand, I could have remembered it wrong.

I think this might be the solution to the poison. I'm not sure.

Get to ESU’s greenhouse and do not touch the poison. It does not matter if it is real, it will kill you!

  • Use web zip to maintain altitude, and zip to point keep up your speed.

Find your way through the hallucination. Ignore the hallucination of Otto Octavius.

Make your way to Harry’s research station. Watch out for the GIANT SCORPION TAILS!

  • Hit circle button to dodge.

Make your way through yet another hallucination in Peter’s sub-conscious.

Get to ESU. NOW!

Now you are going to deal with subconscious manifestations of Scorpion in order to kill yourself.

  • Scorpion can shoot poison out of his stinger. Dodge it, web the fakes up, then drop kick them in the jaw to make them disappear.

Wait, where did he get Spider-Man boxers?!? And why is his mask the only thing left?

Where did his suit go? Let us just forget that happened.

Supply Run

Have not been to the F.E.A.S.T. Center in a while. Go check on May and Miles. Speaking of Miles, he is in the middle of something bad…

Stick to the shadows, man

  • Stick to the shadows, hide behind cars and other things, and use Miles’ hacking app to create distractions to get by the criminals. Also, watch out for broken glass on the ground. The prisoners will come running.

  • Keep looking for the supplies.

You found the medicine, but the Rhino and Scorpion are here. Moreover, he heard a noise! Now you have to hide from the human bulldozer.

Thank god Rhino is as dumb as a rock. 

  • Use the hacking app to distract the Rhino. When he turns his back, dart between hiding spots

  • At the boxes, you are going to have to dart between them when Rhino is not looking, and then move like the wind. It is like Hide and Seek, but for keeps.

  • In the final area, use the hacking app to mess with some of the electronics and make a break for it.

Okay, you can breathe now.

Heavy Hitter

Time to capture Scorpion and the Rhino. Head to the dock where Miles was, and call them out.

Ohhh, he is Nettled. Super nettled!

Pick on someone your size Rhino!

  • Rhino is a lot like Kingpin: big, powerful, and impossible to face head on. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Drop it like it's hot and fresh.

  • Wait for him to get close to a heavy object, and then pull it down on him like an ACME anvil. Then, punch him

    • It helps that when charges at you, time slows down.

Now Scorpion joins the fight.

  • Want to know a secret? Scorpions attack pattern is the same as in the hallucination. He will shoot his poison, and then jump down to attack you with his tail. Get away from him, and then use your webs to tangle him up.

    • Don’t try to attack him otherwise

  • Meanwhile, Rhino will be throwing rocks at you if you get too far away. Be on the lookout for that.

  • The good news is that neither of them change their attacks after they team up. Take them down and Octavius will be down to Martin Li.

All right boys, play nice and I'll come back to check on you later. Or not, I don't like either of you.

Step into My Parlor

This will be a different walkthrough. Since you will just be snooping around Norman Osborn’s Penthouse, I will be pointing out the important objects that you need to look for.

On the long kitchen table, right in front of you after you first come in, you will find an order for a keypad lock. The code is the date that Harry left for Europe.

Go Norman’s desk to the left of the entrance and put on the helmet. Put it on to find the secret room in the wall.

Why does this helmet feel like foreshadowing for a sequel? Because it probably is.

Find the keypad code in Norman’s house. It will be in Harry’s journal in his room. Which is locked. Go to the awning and listen to the audio log to find out where he keeps the key

Right here. You can't miss it!

Pretty big bombshell, huh? Go to Norman’s bedroom, get the picture of Emily Osborn, and locate the key on the back of the photo.

Now turn the frame around...

...boom, secret key

Unlock Harry’s room. Be prepared for the shock. His Journal is on his desk. Read the whole thing.


Oh my god…. Harry. Now Sable is back. Use the lures and your stun gun to incapacitate the guards and get to the secret room.

There is many insane things in here, but you will want to look at the cool map in the middle of the room. Use the combination: Dr. Michaels, Records, Bravo Patrol

Use this Combination

While you are dealing with the shock of what you have witnessed, get to the awning.

The Heart of the Matter

Get to the Records facility. Stop Mister Negative. Get the Antiserum.

  • Outside the records office, take out the snipers first.

  • Split the Demons up to make the fight easier. Keep on the move so the snipers and rocket launchers can’t get a lock on you

    • Do not forget to web throw the rockets back at the Demons!

    • Hold down triangle to disarm enemies. At this point, it will work on melee weapons, rocket launchers, swords, guns.

Now Sable’s men show up. Bring it on!

All right, that's it. That is the last straw. You guys are going to regret messing with Spider-Man!

  • You know what to do: keep moving and watch out for their bolas and other heavy weapons

  • Keep an eye on your health. Soon as it gets low, use built up focus to recharge it.

After you get inside the building and down the rabbit hole, follow Mister Negative through his mindscape. This is totally tripping.

Round three, people! Let's finish this!

Now get ready for the real boss fight against Mister Negative. This is one of the toughest fights in the game, so be on your guard

  • Mister Negative will open up with his sword, creating blasts of negative energy in the ground. Dodge them.

  • He will then move in to try to slice you with his sword. Dodge his sword strikes, and bear down on him.

    • If you try to put distance between him, he will move fast, almost like teleporting, to get to you.

  • After a few misses, his power will run out and he turn back into Martin Li. Hit him then, then counter when he tries to grab you

    • Web strikes do not work on him. You have to keep wearing him down instead

  • Once you have beaten him a few times, Mister Negative will bring out his full power: summoning a massive demon. Now the real fight begins.

  • Remember those negative clones from before? They are back. Deal with them while avoiding Mister Negative’s attacks.

  • When he summons his demon, Get out of the way!

    • The negative demon will sometimes run attack the floor around it.  Jump to avoid damage

  • Use the concussive blast gadget to clear out the clones quickly

I never expected this to actually work when I tried it. But I was desperate, so I went for broke!

  • The Suspension Matrix works on Mister Negative and the clones! Use that hold them in place for a short amount of time!

  • This whole fight is a battle of attrition. You have to wear Mister Negative down to deal the final blow

Aaannnd musical swell followed by epic drop-kick. Perfect photo shot.

Congrats! You have vanquished the demon!

Pax in Bello

I do not think I need to tell you people how high the stakes are at this point. Therefore, put on your Sunday b-who am I kidding, White Spider is better. Just tear Otto a new one.

Yeah, black and yellow are definitely not suited for Spider-Man

  • Doctor Octavius is the toughest boss in the entire game: he’s fast, he’s strong, and vicious

  • Keeping your distance will not work: his tentacles can reach very far. Keep him at by using throwables. Like the jars of explosives there.

  • Use your webs to ensnare Octavius and slow him down. It will not work for long, though, so make sure to get in there and attack.

Sorry if they're kind of blurry, but I was fighting for my life.

  • If he grabs you with his tentacles, tap the square repeatedly to break free.

  • If he starts throwing things at you, remember you can throw them right back.

  • Use all your gadgets to hold Octavius. The Anti-Ock Suit’s power will let you automatically refill your gadgets.

    • Your electric webs seem to have a strong effect on him, but

  • As the battle goes on, you will notice that Doc’s arms are starting to look beaten up. That means you are winning.

  • Once you get him down to a certain amount of health, he will set the fighting stage on fire. Get in the air, and take him down.

  • The second phase of the fight will be entirely on the side of the building. No gadgets, this time. Just your webs and your fists.

    • Octavius will move in to attack with his tentacles. His attack pattern is very predictable and can be anticipated using your spider sense. Dodge their attacks, then get in close and give him hell.

  • Only one strategy: hit him with everything you got!

After that, watch the remaining cutscenes, have tissues at the ready (several moments are going to make you cry). In addition, remember the golden rule of Marvel films: Stick around until the end of the credits.

Congratulations, you finished one of the greatest superhero games of all time. I hope you enjoyed yourself, and I hope that this walkthrough helped you a little bit. Now go enjoy the New Game Plus, Photo Mode, and DLC, True Believers!

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