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Best Dota 2 Team fight Heroes
Team fights are an essential part of the Dota experience that you have to be prepared for

7. Dark Willow

Getting bored of her noble lifestyle, Dark Willow burned down her family estate to become a wandering grifter

In a team fight the more AoE you can bring the better, and if that AoE can annoy the enemy team that’s even better and Dark Willow has both of these things in spades. Dark Willow may not look like much, but in a team fight she can really hold her own and if you’re up against her you’ll find her constantly biting at you like a mosquito until you’re taken down.

She excels in a team fight setting because her moves all have notable AoEs while simultaneously debilitating the enemies. Whether it’s the the literal maze that Bramble Maze creates on the battlefield or the dangerous stun that comes with Cursed Crown you’ll find yourself constantly being impeded by her. On top of all of this her versatile ultimate can either regularly damage enemies around you or just make them all flee in fear as your allies pick them off with ease.

All of Dark Willow’s abilities allow her to control the enemy team and assist core heroes

The huge AoE on all of her abilities make her a key component to a team fight

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