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Best Dota 2 Team fight Heroes
Team fights are an essential part of the Dota experience that you have to be prepared for

5. Earthshaker

A being from the earth, Earthshaker created himself out of an act of sheer will

At The International 2015 there was one moment, one disaster, that echoed throughout all of the Dota community and that moment was created by Earthshaker. That explosive is what a good Earthshaker can bring to the fight, and combined with a strong lineup you’ll find that your fights tend to end rather quickly.

Let’s elaborate on what else Earthshaker brings to the table, though, as he’s just a real pain to have to deal with in a team fight. Combining both the landscape changing Fissure to split the enemy team on top of the constant stun and incremental damage he dishes out with Enchant Totem and Aftershock and you’ll find that Earthshaker is not to be ignored in the midst of a team fight.

However, once you get that Blink Dagger is when the entire landscape changes. All of a sudden popping in and bringing down the fury with Echo Slam and, frankly, there’s no greater feeling. Comboing Echo Slam with the rest of your team’s AoE abilities is the first big step in evolving your team fight and it’s still effective in stealing a game to this day.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a well place Echo Slam

All of Earthshaker’s abilities allow him to constantly stun and annoy his enemies

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