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Best Dota 2 Team fight Heroes
Team fights are an essential part of the Dota experience that you have to be prepared for

2. Enigma

A being of the void, no one truly knows Enigma’s origins or motivations

When it all comes down to it, there’s only one hero you can think of that is the master of starting a fight, and Enigma is most certainly that hero. His abilities don’t really synergize super well, but he makes up for it incredibly with just how powerful his ultimate is.

Enigma is great at poking at heroes with all of his skills, though, and it’s nothing to scoff at. His eidolons will often go unnoticed as the take down the back lines, all while the enemy is getting their health ticked down constantly by Midnight Pulse. These abilities, however, pale in comparison to the glorious Black Hole. Black Hole is the greatest Disable in the game, bar none, and this one ability is that good that it can elevate Enigma heads and shoulders above his peers. Four seconds is a long time in a team fight, so when your entire team is caught inside Black Hole you’ll either be bleeding hard or just completely done by the time the its over and you’ll wish you had seen it coming.

Midnight Pulse does an amazing job ticking down the enemy

Black Hole is an iconic ability at this point, and remains one of the best ways to initiate in the game

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