[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Best Amiibo

If you want to train your own fighter but can't decide which one then this is your list.

What are the Top 10 Smash Ultimate Amiibos?

In the previous installment of the Smash Bros franchise players were given the opportunity to train and fight adaptable homegrown fighters called Amiibo. Amiibos are game compatible figurines that can be used in a variety of different ways across different Nintendo games. In Smash Bros Ultimate, amiibos are trained from level 1 to level 50 and improve in skill with every passing level.

With the addition of spirits to the game, players have been given the option to add a variety of features to their amiibos to make them the best fighters possible. These add-ons can range anywhere from increased power, defense, more jumps, starting with one of the variable onslaught of weaponry in the game.

With a grand total of 84 trainable amiibos it can be hard to narrow down the best amiibos to train. Lucky for you I have compiled a list of the top 10 best amiibo to train in Smash Bros Ultimate.

10. Chrom

Starting off our list at number 10 is the newcomer Chrom, the main protagonist of Fire Emblem Awakening. Chrom is an echo fighter in a league of his own being a hybrid where the moves of multiple fire emblem characters are mixed throughout his moveset. As an amiibo Chrom will mimic the playstyle of the player who trained them. As a character Chrom has a fast ground movement speed and with his variatable moveset he can be a force in battle. As an amiibo Chrom may struggle with the layouts of different stages depending on the type and it would help to have a good recovery or some way or forcing himself to the stage, however Chrom severely lacks that. Offstage Chrom has a vertical recovery that is very linear and only helps him if he is recovering from directly under the stage. This poor recovery that opponents or other high level amiibo can capitalize on and increasingly get easy kills off of is the reason why Chrom is placed so low on this list.

09. Donkey Kong


Next up is Donkey Kong as the first heavy on this list. As a heavy Donkey Kong has a resistance to weaker attacks that do less damage but come out quicker. This can be used to Donkey Kong’s advantage since some of his moves have super armor to power through other hits as though they were a breeze in the wind. As an amiibo Donkey Kong could be boosted through sacrificing spirits to make his defense increase or add to his already overwhelming strength. When training Donkey Kong it is important to remember that his grabs and throws are some of his strongest assets, so it might be best to sacrifice some support spirits to give him increased grab strength or throws doing more damage. Donkey Kong is one of few fighters with the ability to carry an opponent when grabbed and this can set up into high damage combos. While Donkey Kong is overall a strong fighter as an amiibo Donkey Kong is very susceptible to spikes and other off stage attacks since most of his aerial attacks have a long charge period. As a result he can struggle with recovery and lose precious stocks as a result of this flaw.

08. Lucario

Lucario is a very unique character that is very valuable to train as an amiibo. He is a slower character with mid range attack that also has a very good multidirectional recovery. Although Lucario possesses a lot of good fighting capabilities his true power is being a glutton for damage. As Lucario’s damage counter increases in percentages his power and range of attack increase as well. All of Lucario’s charged aura attacks increase in range and power while the size of Lucario’s aura sphere also increases in size. As an amiibo Lucario can be boosted with spirits which provide critical health attack boosts or increase aura strength. The downside to the ever increasing power is that the higher the percent of damage that is inflicted on Lucario the easier to kill he becomes so the boost in strength can be short lived. A good Lucario strategy would be to run away and snipe with high strength long range attacks but amiibo’s don’t camp, they are constantly on the offensive so this can give a player or opposing amiibo the upper hand in a fight.

07. Pichu 


Pichu is next on our list but might be confusing to some people since Pichu is a character that causes self inflicted damage to itself with any electric attacks. As a result of this damaging handicap, Pichu has increased strength with its attacks and when paired with its small stature Pichu can be a tough opponent to fight. Pichu is a lighter character and as an amiibo it is going to be on the offensive trying to K.O opponents so the way that Pichu is trained and the spirits that are applied to it are going to be extremely important. To remedy the increased risk of death that is caused by the recoil damage, a self healing spirit like Celebi or Meloetta that heals a percent of damage every 5 seconds could be crucial in slowing down Pichu’s damage counter. If it wasn’t for the Pichu being one of the lightest and thus one of the easiest to launch characters in the game, it would have been placed much higher on this list.

06. Dark Samus

Samus and Dark Samus are the same fighter with the exact same moveset, but the reason that Dark Samus is on this list and Samus isn’t is the speed at which Dark Samus dodges in comparison to Samus. Dark Samus dodges a little bit faster than Samus and can follow up with an attack before Samus can. While this is only the difference of a fraction of a second this can be the difference between winning or losing a battle. Dark Samus is a long range fighter that is just as dominating on stage as she is off stage. When training Dark Samus it is good to sacrifice spirits such as “Isaac (Dark Dawn)” that have the ability to increase energy shot attack and resistance. With one of the best final smashes in the game the consensus may be that Dark Samus should place higher on this list, but the fact that she is slower and most of her attacks have a high recovery time; if an opponent dodges an attack she can become an easy target for quick damage.

05. Incineroar

At number 5 on the list is the “king of the ring”, Incineroar. Incineroar can be a very challenging opponent to deal with since his moves are very strong and he has a very unique counter move called revenge. By using revenge Incineroar can take any hit that isn’t a final smash and absorb the damage. He then gets to dish out double the damage with his next attack. One of the main positives about revenge is that Incineroar can stack the damage he receives from revenge from many hits to deliver a final blow that sends his opponents to the blast zone. Since incineroar is a close range fighter, when choosing spirits to sacrifice it would be good to choose spirits that grant an increase in throws and physical damage since incineroar is a grappler and a very physical fighter. When off stage Incineroar’s mobility plummets making him one of the most defenseless characters when he is trying to make it back to the stage with his recovery move and for this reason he is not higher on the list.

04. King K Rool

The golden plated crocodilian King K Rool is next on our list as a long ranged versatile heavy. Unlike most heavy fighters like Bowser or Ganondorf, King K Rool has long ranged attacks. He can either throw his crown as a boomerang or launch a cannonball at an opponent which can disorient an opponent. As a heavy King K Rool has very strong moves that can destroy opponents very quickly and when paired with his counter that also reflects projectiles he can be a very threatening opponent in battle. Sacrificing spirits like Shine Sprite which provides increased power to special moves is a good choice for King K Rool. Unlike most heavies he has a good recovery which allows him to avoid danger in midair but also gives him the safety to attack offstage. As an amiibo King K Rool has options for how he will attack so when training him as an amiibo it is important to play in a manner that you want him to attack; whether that be close range or from a distance or a mixture of both.  

03. Young Link

In third place is Young Link. When choosing from the three different Link based fighters it is important to look at more than just raw power but also speed and movesets. The most well rounded of the Link’s is Young Link who is a long ranged fighter with one of the strongest final smashes in the game. Unlike the other two variations of Link, Young Link has long range fire arrows that not burn opponents and send them into the air. Young Link has a very quick recovery time for his attacks so opponents are not able to hit him between attacks. As an amiibo the way that Young Link is trained is going to greatly influence his playstyle against opponents. Since Young Link fights with an assortment of weapons from swords to arrows to bombs, a good spirit to sacrifice is Sirius which provides an increase in weapon strength. The only downside to Young Link is the fact that since he is small and his weight is lighter he launched easier than many other fighters on the roster but with the amount of projectiles that can be thrown he makes up for that shortcoming.  

02. Mewtwo

Next on the list is Mewtwo the bioengineered Pokemon. With a well rounded moveset and a teleporting recovery Mewtwo is one of the best fighters on the roster. In a long range fight Mewtwo can reflect projectiles and even launch a projectile of its own. Mewtwo has the unique ability to stun and disorient an opponent for long enough to fire off a charged attack. Sacrificing spirits like Tabuu that increase Psychic damage is crucial to making Mewtwo a stronger and more fierce opponent in battle. Training a Mewtwo amiibo to attack and reflect projectiles is going to be crucial in making Mewtwo as strong as possible. 

01. Zelda

At the top of the list standing above all other amiibo is Zelda. With a multidirectional teleportation recovery as well as reflections and long range attacks, Zelda is a very tough opponent to fight. One of Zelda’s strongest and most dangerous abilities is summoning her Phantom Knight. Depending on the stage that the knight is summoned the damage done varies. Also having one of the strongest and most oppressive final smashes in the game that kills opponents instantly if they have 100% damage or over makes Zelda an even bigger contender in battle. When training Zelda, sacrificing spirits like Marx (Awakened) that increase magic power is essential when trying to make a powerful Zelda amiibo. No matter what playstyle the player uses when training a Zelda amiibo she can excel against any opponent on the stage and off the stage.

What makes an amiibo name great?

After choosing the best amiibo it is important to decide on a great name for your fighter. When you are registering your amiibo you have to pick the color and costume that your amiibo will wear for the duration of their training. Picking the right look can change the identity of the amiibo and influence the quality of the name that the amiibo is given. Some qualities of a great amiibo name is:

  • Characters from the game the amiibo comes from.
  • Traits of the character
  • Time periods the character came out in 
  • Wordplay off the character’s name
  • Embodying memes through the character name
  • Colors

It is important to remember that if a name is picked for an amiibo, it can be changed later down the line if it doesn’t fit or if you think of a better one.

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