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Games Like Dragon Age Origins
Candles? Check. Weird cult summoning ritual? Check. Giant portal to hell? Check, We are ready for an epic RPG.

1. Tower of Time

“Welcome to Tower of Time, it’s an isometric cRPG. It’s less about story and more about combat!”

Tower of Time is a savagely intense tactical RPG that looks like a hack-n-slash at first glance but will test all of your wit and skill as you progress your team through the story.  Crawl through the dungeons leveling your team and gathering the gear and resources required to take on intense battles and tricky puzzles.

Be wary since you can’t pause this story full of difficult battles against multitudes of different enemies, all with their own skills and abilities, that you have to adapt to.  This gem might take a few Googles to make it through.

More great balls of fire!

Bonus Game: Wasteland 3

“Oh just a taste. A nibble here and there. In fact, I’m still hungry. Hard-Heads? It’s dinner time!”

I hoped you’re hyped because were going to cold, frozen, Colorado in the brand new tactical RPG, Wasteland 3.  This game looks cool too! After the great directors cut of Wasteland 2 this sequel has had us waiting too long. With some nice vehicle action and all the cold hard steel we love from Wastelands one and two, this game is going to be fresh.  

The multiplayer is just as exciting since it allows you to either play through the storyline together or do your own thing in the same world. Not sure how that works but it sounds fun to explore with some friends.

We can’t tell what the combat is like from pictures like these, but the it sure is a beautiful game.

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