[Top 15] Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Best Grass Types (Ranked)

Best Scarlet and Violet Grass Pokemon
So much green! Makes sense since these are all Grass-types!

What Are Grass Types?

Before we start ranking Pokémon, it's important to explain what the Grass-type is. The Grass-type is one of eighteen types found in the Pokémon world. It is weak to Fire, Ice, Bug, Flying, and Poison types.

What Makes Grass Types Unique?

The Grass type is unique because the Pokemon that are given this type are usually plant-based. They could be trees, flowers, fungi, fruit, or bushes of some form. Another unique aspect of Grass Pokemon is they are immune to powder and spore effects (Poison/Sleep/Rage Powder, Stun Spore, Leech Seed, etc.). 

The Ranking

15. Abomasnow (Strong)

It’s just standing there… Menacingly!

HP: 90


Defense: 75

Special Attack: 75

Special Defense: 85

Speed: 60

Abomasnow is a Grass/Ice-type Pokemon. It evolves from Snover at level 40. It can be found in the snowy area of Montenevera. 

Abomasnow’s stats are above average but nothing super unique or anything that stands out. It's more inclined towards the Physical stats like its Attack and Defense, but its Special stats can be invested in to do the same roles. That said, Abomasnow wants to be a tanky Pokemon who can also retaliate with hard-hitting attacks. Its ability Snow Warning creates a Snowstorm that lasts for 5 turns after being sent out into battle. This ability is amazing chip damage to any non-Ice type Pokemon.

Abomasnow can use moves like Blizzard to deal heavy Ice damage, and it has the added effect of not missing while it's snowing. Abomasnow can also use something like Avalanche if you don’t want to use Blizzard. Another move that’ll help Abomasnow stay healthy and keep tanking hits is Giga Drain. And lastly, you could use Aurora Veil to help mitigate damage to your team for 5 turns.

  • Great offensive Ice typing means Abomasnow has access to high-damage moves
  • Stellar ability that instantly whips up a snowstorm to deal chip damage to non-Ice types
  • Good defenses to eat hits and good Attack stat to smack back


14. Arboliva (Strong)

Better watch out Arboliva! Looks like a sneaky Greninja is trying to steal your fruit!

HP: 78


Defense: 90

Special Attack: 125

Special Defense: 109

Speed: 39

Arboliva is a Grass/Normal type Pokemon. It evolves from Dolliv at level 35. It can be found in many areas in the Northern areas such as Casseroya Lake, East Province (Area Two), North Province (Area One), and North Province (Area Two). 

Its stats are more focused on both Special Attack and Special Defense. Its Speed is horrible so don’t waste your time. It wants to be a Special wall that can also deal out some hard-hitting Special moves. Its ability Seed Sower will spread Grassy Terrain on the battlefield when Arboliva is hit. This ability is great support for your team that wants Grassy Terrain active to deal more damage or gain stat boosts.

The first move Arboliva wants is Terrain Pulse because its power doubles when the battle terrain changes. The type of the move also changes from Normal to whatever type the current terrain is. The second move Arboliva could use is Solar Beam. Pair this with a Grass-type Pokemon who knows Sunny Day and Solar Beam doesn’t need to charge up power anymore! Another move you could consider is Mirror Coat for protection. This move reflects double the damage dealt if a Special attack hits Arboliva.

  • Amazing synergy with Sunny Day teams or Grass-type moves
  • Good Special tank with high Attack to threaten opposing Pokemon after shrugging off damage
  • A very common Pokemon out in the Paldea region if your team is lacking tanks


13. Scovillain (Strong)

It’s the battle of the spicy peppers! 

HP: 65


Defense: 65

Special Attack:108 

Special Defense: 65

Speed: 75

Scovillain is a Grass/Fire type. It evolves from Capsakid by using a Fire Stone. It can be found at Casseroya Lake, Dalizapa Passage, Montenevera, North Province (Area One), South Province (Area Six), and Tagtree Thicket.

Scovillain’s main stats are its Attack and Special Attack, both sitting at 108. It’s up to you whether you want it to be a Physical glass cannon or a Special glass cannon. Don’t even try to patch up its poor defenses or Speed, trust me, it’s not worth it.

For its moveset you could give Scovillain Seed Bomb because it’s a strong STAB move with no drawbacks. Another move to consider is the Fire-type move, Fire Fang. This biting attack does 65 base damage and has a chance to burn and flinch the foe! Then, we can add a move like Crunch to deal 80 base damage and a chance to lower the foe’s Defense by 1 stage.

  • Awesome and unique type pairing of Grass/Fire
  • Access to good moves because of the Fire typing
  • Can be either a Special or Physical attacker due to equal offensive stats


12. Brambleghast (Strong)

You know what? I just noticed Brambleghast’s eyes are Heterochromia!

HP: 55


Defense: 70

Special Attack: 80

Special Defense: 70

Speed: 90

Brambleghast is a Grass/Ghost Pokemon. It evolves from Bramblin after walking 1000 steps in Let's Go mode and leveling up in battles. Brambleghast can be found in Casseroya Lake and North Province (Area One).

Brambleghast wants to focus on its offenses with that 115 Attack stat and 90 Speed stat. It can be considered for a more defensive role if you want, but it’ll need more investment. Something that’ll help Brambleghast’s damage output is its ability Infiltrator. This ability allows Brambleghast to bypass protective moves (Detect, Protect, Light Screen, etc.) and stat boosts from moves (Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Swords Dance, etc.).

For its moves, Brambleghast wants Phantom Force for 90 base damage plus STAB. This move makes Brambleghast disappear for 1 turn then swiftly attack the next turn. Another move could be Trailblaze for its Speed-boosting properties and base 50 damage. The third move can be Giga Drain to keep Brambleghast healthy after taking some damage. The final move of the four could be something like Spikes to hurt the next opponent that switches in.  

  • Great offensive spread for Physical attacking
  • Helpful ability to break through setups from the opposing team
  • Versatile moveset that can be changed depending on what role Bramleghast plays in the team


11. Breloom (Strong)

Even when it’s mad Breloom is adorable!

HP: 60


Defense: 80

Special Attack: 60

Special Defense: 60

Speed: 70

Breloom is a Grass/Fighting type Pokemon. It evolves from Shroomish at level 23. It can be found in the West Province (Area Three) in forests. 

Breloom has a massive Attack stat and average stats everywhere else. It has decent Speed, and with investment can be higher and more threatening. Breloom wants to be a glass cannon that hits like a truck. Its hidden ability Technician increases the damage of moves with a base power of 60 or less by 50%.

With its ability in mind, we’ll actually want to use lower power moves to get the effect of its ability. Moves like Mach Punch are great because it has 60 base damage, STAB, and it usually goes first. Another great move for STAB is Bullet Seed. Normally this move is trash, but with Technician it’s an awesome multi-hit move. And to raise Breloom’s Attack even further beyond we can use Swords Dance. If you want to use a coverage move, you could slap Rock Tomb on Breloom to deal with those pesky Flying types, with the bonus of lowering the foe’s Speed.

  • Amazing Attack stat that can be further boosted by Swords Dance
  • Being a Fighting-type helps Breloom lean into its offensive role by including reliable Fighting-type Physical moves
  • Great ability that boosts Breloom’s lower damage moves to be more powerful


10. Sinistcha (Powerful)

Matcha tea is better than normal tea. Fight me.

HP: 71


Defense: 106

Special Attack: 121

Special Defense: 80

Speed: 70

Sinistcha can be found in the Teal Mask DLC. To evolve Poltchageist into Sinistcha, use either an Unremarkable Teacup or a Masterpiece Teacup, depending on its form. It can either evolve into an Unremarkable or Artisan Sinistcha depending on the item used.

Sinistcha wants to be a defensive Special Attacker. Its hidden ability Heatproof will help absorb Fire attacks and reduce their damage by half. It can take advantage of its signature move Matcha Gotcha to deal 80 base damage, have a chance to burn the foe, and heal Sinistcha for half the damage dealt. It's a nice move that'll deal good STAB damage to opponents. 

It can also use moves like Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, or Giga Drain to deal STAB damage. Sinistcha can also use Scald to deal super effective damage to Fire-types which would otherwise be problematic for Sinistcha. Another move to use could be Leaf Storm but it deals recoil damage, so be wary. 

  • Versatile stats to be either offensive or defensive 
  • Good typing that allows Sinistcha to deal good damage and heal itself
  • A nice ability that helps Sinistcha survive super effective Fire damage


9. Toedscruel (Powerful)

I think they look even cooler as mushrooms rather than jellyfish!

HP: 80


Defense: 65

Special Attack: 80

Special Defense: 120

Speed: 100

Toedscruel is a Grass/Ground type. It can be found at Casseroya Lake in the forested areas. It evolves from Toedscool at level 30.

Toedscruel’s stats are versatile but for the sake of keeping it simple, we’ll steer towards the defensive wall role. Toedscruel’s ability Mycelium Might makes all status moves used by Toedscruel go last within their priority bracket and will ignore the ability of the foe. This is really nice because it ensures Toedscruel gets its status effects off without the enemy neutralizing them immediately. 

Since we’re doing a more defensive role, we could use more support moves. Things like Light Screen, Reflect, Spikes, and the like. Toedscruel needs a damaging move so it’s not just sitting there, so something like Giga Drain, Earth Power, or Leaf Storm could work. In terms of status effect moves, we have a wide array of moves like Toxic, Toxic Spikes, Spore, and Confuse Ray. These moves will help Toedscruel be a bulky mushroom!

  • Versatile stats that can be invested in to fit any role
  • Nice ability that ignores foe’s ability effects
  • Access to a combination of status effects and support moves to help the team


8. Appletun (Powerful)

Looks like Appletun’s sweet aromas attracted some Combee! Defend yourself!

HP: 110

Attack: 85

Defense: 80

Special Attack: 100

Special Defense: 80

Speed: 30

Appletun is a Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon. It evolves from Applin when you use the Sweet Apple item. Appletun can’t be found in the Paldea region since it requires a unique evolution method, but Applin can be found in many areas including East Province (Area One), North Province (Area One), South Province (Area Four), and Tagtree Thicket.

Appletun’s stats are above average with little variation between each stat. It has high defenses and higher Special Attack with abysmal Speed. Its ability Ripen has a neat effect that doubles Berries’ effectiveness. 

For moves, we could give Appletun its signature move Apple Acid for base 80 damage, plus STAB. It has a small chance to lower the foe’s Special Defense by 1 stage. Another move we could use is Gyro Ball with its power scaling off how much slower the user is compared to the foe. This is awesome because Appletun is very slow. Some other moves to consider would be Dragon Pulse for Dragon STAB, Giga Drain for sustain, Earthquake for big damage, Payback, Iron Defense or Amnesia for stat boosts, Light Screen for team-wide protection, Rest/Recover, and other defensive moves.

  • Versatile stats for either attacking or defending 
  • A unique ability that allows it to make Berries twice as effective
  • Access to stat boosting, protective, and support moves 


7. Flapple (Powerful)

Who would’ve thought a worm in your apple would be so darn cute?

HP: 70


Defense: 80

Special Attack: 95

Special Defense: 60

Speed: 70

Flapple is a Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon. It evolves from Applin when you use the Tart Apple item. Flapple can’t be found in the Paldea region since it requires a unique evolution method, but its pre-evolution Applin can be found in many areas including East Province (Area One), North Province (Area One), South Province (Area Four), and Tagtree Thicket.

Flapple is going to focus on its offenses to be a Physical sweeper. You can invest into its Speed to make it shine because that Speed stat is slightly above average. Its hidden ability Hustle increases Physical Attack damage by 50% but lowers Accuracy by 20%. This is super useful for an all-out offense Pokemon like Flapple.

As for moves you could opt for Grass STAB moves like Grav Apple with 80 damage, or Trailblaze with 50 damage and a boost to Flapple’s Speed. Some other moves could be Outrage, Draco Meteor, or Dragon Breath. For stat-boosting moves, you could slap Dragon Dance on your Flapple and set up Attack and Speed boosts needed to sweep the whole team. And since Flapple isn’t the sturdiest Pokemon out there, U-Turn could be used as a good recovery option if you find yourself in an unfavorable matchup.

  • Dragon typing gives Flapple access to strong Dragon moves
  • Great Attack and Speed to become an offensive threat
  • Synergistic ability that allows Flapple to hit harder


6. Hydrapple (Powerful)

It’s like the Hydra but inside an apple!

HP: 106

Attack: 80

Defense: 110

Special Attack: 120

Special Defense: 80

Speed: 44

Hydrapple is a Grass and Dragon-type. It evolves from Dipplin after learning the move Dragon Cheer. Dipplin can only be obtained In the Indigo Disk DLC, which is locked behind a paywall.

Hydrapple is meant to be a Special attacker that can eat a hit if it needs to. Focus on its Special Attack and Defense to maximize its best stats. 

Hydrapple wants to have its signature move Fickle Beam since it gets STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and has a 30% chance to hit for double power. It can also use a move like Nasty Plot to raise its Special Attack by 2 stages to set up to sweep the opponent Pokemon. Another move like Energy Ball could be used to deal Grass STAB damage. The last move could be something like Giga Drain to heal half the damage dealt to keep Hydrapple healthy during the battle.

  • Good Special Attack to take advantage of Grass moves
  • Respectable Defense stat to take a hit if needed to survive
  • Dragon typing helps it shrug off other types that aren’t super effective to it


5. Meowscarada (Very Powerful)

I love how smug Meowscarada is! Definitely my favorite starter for the Paldea region

HP: 76


Defense: 70

Special Attack: 81

Special Defense: 70

Speed: 123

Meowscarada is Scarlet and Violet’s Grass starter. It also has the secondary Dark typing. It evolves from Floragato at level 36. It can’t be found out in the wild of the Paldea region because it’s a starter Pokemon. 

Thai Pokemon is meant to be a glass cannon, so it's going to hit hard and fast. Its hidden ability Protean changes  Meowscarada’s type to match the move it’s using. This means that Meowscarada will always get STAB damage on its moves.

The moveset that Meowscarada wants to use includes the moves Flower Trick or Trailblaze. Another move to include would be Night Slash because it deals a high 70 damage and has a high critical hit rate. You could opt for Foul Play instead if you think you’ll face high Attack Pokemon. The next move could be a stat-boosting move like Agility to raise Speed. The last move could be a defensive maneuver by using U-Turn to escape from lethal damage.

  • Hyper-offensive with low defenses
  • Good access to Physical Dark-type moves
  • Cool ability that always applies STAB to moves


4. Wo-Chien (Very Powerful)

That was a close one Pawmot! Good thing you didn’t knock out Wo-Chien!

HP: 85


Defense: 100

Special Attack: 95

Special Defense: 135

Speed: 70

Wo-Chien is a Dark/Grass type Legendary. Wo-Chien is obtainable after collecting all 8 purple stakes in the Eastern side of the [South Province] of the Paldea Region. After collecting the stakes, you will be prompted that a Shrine leading to Wo-Chien has opened.

Its stats are more defensive than offensive so it’s best used as a Special tank. Its ability Tablets of Ruin lowers the Attack of all Pokemon in the field by 25%. This ability doesn’t stack and also grants immunity to opposing Tablets of Ruin.

Rest, Reflect, Sleep Talk, and Giga Drain are some moves to consider. This set allows Wo-Chien to eat hits while healing itself and setting up protection from Special attacks for its allies. You could also give it a weather move like Sunny Day or Rain Dance to help set up sweepers that do well in harsh sunlight or rain.

  • Great Special Defense for a tank
  • Good access to support moves like Reflect, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, etc. to help the team perform better
  • Cool ability that automatically lowers enemies’ Attack


3. Brute Bonnet (Very Powerful)

Past and Present collide! With a sneaky Paldean Tauros photo bombing the reunion!

HP: 111

Attack: 127

Defense: 99

Special Attack: 79

Special Defense: 99

Speed: 55

Brute Bonnet is a Grass/Dark Paradox Pokemon found in Pokemon Scarlet. It can be found in all zones of Area Zero. The most common places to find it are around the second observatory or inside caves.

Its stats are more focused on being an all-out attacker. Its defenses aren’t bad but they’re average so we’ll focus on its good Attack stat. Its ability Protosynthesis powers up whichever stat is highest if there is harsh sun (Sunny Day) active or Brute Bonnet is holding an Energy Booster.

Some moves to consider would be Crunch for good STAB and a chance to flinch. Maybe try Seed Bomb for good Grass STAB and a reliable base 80 damage. Another move to utilize its great Attack stat would be Solar Beam. It’d be a good idea to slap Solar Beam on Brute Bonnet because, in Sunny Day setup teams, it won’t need to charge up. Then, to round it off you could pack a fun move like Spore to make your opponent fall asleep.

  • Great Attack stat with adequate defenses 
  • A nice ability that enhances the highest stat even further is always appreciated
  • Good synergy with Sunny Day teams


2. Ogerpon (Very Powerful)

Look at this cutie! But where’s its mask?

HP: 80


Defense: 84

Special Attack: 60

Special Defense: 96

Speed: 110

Since Ogerpon has several forms, we’ll just cover the base version this time. Ogerpon is from the Teal Mask DLC. It’s found in the Dreaded Den after defeating Munkidori and Kieran. It will have 4 stages of battles, one for each mask type it wears. After the 4th battle, it’ll be obtainable.

Ogerpon will want to focus on being a Physical sweeper with its high Attack and Speed. It wants its signature move Ivy Cudgel with its base 100 damage and high critical hit rate. This is perfect for a sweeper like Ogerpon. 

Something else Ogerpon could use is Wood Hammer. It deals a base 120 damage but has recoil damage to Ogerpon. It’s a good move for STAB and a huge amount of power.

Another offensive move to choose could be Horn Leach. It’s a Grass-type move that deals a base 75 damage and heals Ogerpon for half the damage dealt. Perfect for keeping Ogerpon’s HP topped up.

As the last move, Ogerpon could use U-Turn to switch to a more offensive Pokemon. Let Ogerpon tank hits and pass Leech Seed to Pokemon, then switch to your main attacker with U-Turn and keep the momentum going.

  • Good offensive stat spread to become an awesome Physical sweeper
  • Versatile stats that can fit in any team
  • Nice pivot potential to switch into better matchups for your team


1. Iron Leaves (Very Powerful)

You’d think Iron Leaves would look out of place in such a lush land, but it doesn’t!

HP: 90

Attack: 130 

Defense: 88

Special Attack: 70

Special Defense: 108

Speed: 104

Iron Leaves is a Grass/Psychic Paradox Pokemon. It was available in Tera Raids earlier in 2023 in Violet games. If you want this rare Pokemon now, you’ll have to trade it with people who have Violetor wait for a rerun of the Tera Raid event.

Iron Leaves has the ability Quark Drive. This ability increases its highest stat by 30% when Electric Terrain is up or when holding a Booster Energy. If Iron Leaves’ Speed stat is the highest, it's increased by 50% instead of 30%. This ability is awesome for a physically offensive Pokemon like Iron Leaves to deal more damage with an increased Attack stat.

For its moves, Iron Leaves could use Leaf Blade for stellar 90 base damage and STAB bonus. It can also use something like Sweords Dance to set itself up for easy sweeping later in the battle by raising its Attack by 2 stages. Another move can be Psyblade which deals 80 base power plus STAB bonus. Not only that but its power is amplified by 1.5x if used while in Electric Terrain. The last move could be something like Close Combat to deal a massive 120 base damage to foes.

  • Great offenses that play into its role as a sweeper well
  • Awesome ability that is easy to trigger and gives extra stats to Iron Leaves’ strongest stat
  • Access to good Physical Grass moves helps in dealing damage 

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