[Top 5] GTA Online Best Arcade Locations

[Top 5] GTA Online Best Arcade Locations 




5.) Wonderama - Grapeseed 



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        Not the Best but not the worst. 2nd worst Arcade but who can say when it’s almost in the middle of the map. It’s not far from nowhere like the Arcade in Paleto bay but can be pretty cheap. Just know that it will take a long time to collect preps for the heist.


Wonderama = Childish 

  • An Arcade where all the children can enjoy their youth.
  • Only the poor can truly enjoy the luxury of having an arcade in the middle of nowhere.
  • This is the greatest achievement for those who can not afford to live in the city.


Wonderama Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Arcades



4.)Warehouse - Davis 



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        Poor was 5 but what is 4, the ghetto. Nothing can feel more classic but in the hood. You have a gang on the back and in the front, are they on your side? Maybe not but just know that nothing is better than knowing you have some protection around you. They are your closest allies when it comes to the online world.


Warehouse = Storage 

  • Keep it mellow fellows but don’t get too comfortable around your area cause there is always danger in the hood.
  • Maybe a stray shot from the gangbangers will hit you but who cares you’ve got insurance.
  • Like Wonderama, it can be hard to do heist preps when it is at the very bottom of the map.


Warehouse Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Arcades


3.) Eight-Bit - Vinewood



Arcade View


        Around the rich area, you can make a major wealth in the Arcade but depends if the rich like old style gaming. The most perfect position in the map to do the heist since it is not too low or too high in the map area. But that is not always the case since most preps will  sometimes appear in one side of the map.


Eight-Bit = Transferable Data 

  • The Best part of society is when multiple tasks can be accomplished in a single area.
  • If you have the Apartment next to the Arcade, then it will be easy to manage all of the businesses in a single spot from the computer in the basement.
  • Nothing is better than having full control of everything.


Eight-Bit Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Arcades



2.) Videogeddon - La Mesa



Arcade View


        Next to the Arcade, near the sewers to spawn personal aircrafts. Next to the Highway which allows constant fast speed around the map to collect any Heist Preps. The only drawback in the Arcade is that there is not spawn location near it which would be a little problem.


Videogeddon = Hardcore Gamers

  • Gaming. The pride and joy of owning an Arcade, this Arcade will live up to its name when it comes to the perfect Area
  • Under a Bridge, around the ghetto area, what can be a better look but the true aesthetics of having an original Arcade.
  • The casino will never know that you’re going to rob them, like the saying goes keep your friends close but your enemies closer.


Videogeddon Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Arcades


1.) Insert Coin - Rockford Hills



Arcade View 


         Unlike the rest, The Insert Coin is the Best location for an Arcade. Most Heist Preps will spawn around the Area of the Arcade. That’s not all but there is a highway, the beach (spawn Aircraft), an Office, and an Apartment. What is better than this location? None. No other Arcade can be more Perfect than the Insert Coin. The price might be a problem but don’t forget it you will be making major bank soon. 


Insert Coin = Gimme Money 

  • Like the name implies, this Arcade is where you can make the biggest amount of cash by  having the greatest assets. 
  • Make the investment and know that you will not regret the Insert Coin Arcade.
  • You will be earning more money than the “THEPROFESSIONAL” in no time.


Insert Coin Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Arcades

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